Tripod Lamp….Sold!

Quite some time ago I purchased a telescope from auction real cheap.  My husband and I set about converting it to a floor lamp (similar to those sold by Pottery Barn).  Well apparently it wasn’t a success because it sat in my booth for months even though I marked it waaay down.


I got to thinking that perhaps it was the color.  Just maybe the legs looked a little to orangish.  I brought it home, took it apart and painted it white.


Ahhh…much better.  It is shown in this picture with the legs up, so it really cool that it can be used as a table lamp or a floor lamp.  Apparently the change of color did the trick, because it sold last weekend. 

Oh…in the before and after photos you may have noticed that the table underneath the lamp was painted too.  It had to be painted because of the bad spot on the top.  That table sold too.  I will share pics of that cool table in another post.

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1 Response to Tripod Lamp….Sold!

  1. Miss Ellie says:

    I love this. So want to do this myself. The white is a good idea. Thanks for sharing.
    Miss Ellie

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