Clock Face Stool

About a month ago, I picked up both of these stools at an estate sale.

Both were very dirty (as was EVERYTHING in the house), and the metal was in bad shape.

To clean up the metal I rubbed with the finest grade of steel wool (I believe it was 0000).  I thought I would show you the pile of debris left behind after this process…look at the upper right hand corner.  It took a whole piece (?) of steel wool to clean both pieces.

The next step was to fix the top.  But first, I had to see if the top was removable.

Bingo…it was.  Then I had to decide on an image.

This looks good.  I transferred the clock face onto a drop cloth using the CitraSolv method.

The top looks good.  And the metal cleaned up nicely too.

Isn’t the propeller behind the stool cool?  I picked that up at auction several weeks ago.  I don’t think I can part with it.  I plan to remove the cheap clock mechanism and hang it up in the kitchen.

The clock-face stool is at Liberty Belle waiting to go home with somebody else.

The short stool on casters, pictured earlier in the post, is staying home with me.  It will be perfect for me to roll around on while painting furniture.

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