Snack Stadium

Do you know Super Bowl 50 is right around the corner?  Not only is the Super Bowl celebrating it’s 50th anniversary, but my husband is too.  On the same day.

So do you think I should have a 50th Birthday Party for my husband?  Yeah, me too.  But he doesn’t want a 50th Birthday Party.  So I’m having a Super Bowl Party.

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I don’t usually go all out for Super Bowl parties when I host them.  Some food, drink, poker and the tv is all we need.  It’s the one time I don’t get carried away with all those creative touches.

But this year….I’m feeling the Super Bowl is a little more special.  It is the 50th Super Bowl afterall.  So I decided to do a few extra touches this year.

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I rented a venue (Faulkner’s Ranch in Kansas City) so we’ll have plenty of room to spread out.

I don’t plan to go all out with decorating.  But I did want a little something special.  Enter my Pièce de résistance.

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The Snack Stadium.

I just couldn’t resist making my spin on the awesome snack stadiums plastered all over Pinterest.  I grabbed my favorite ideas from all of them and set to work on my own.

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It may not be the most economical way to go, but it can be made for under $50 depending on the supplies you have on hand.  I ended up spending about $55 not including the paint.  But it is built to last a lifetime(ish).

The goal posts came from US Toy.  The stadium lights (which really work) and megatron frame can be found at the Dollar Tree.

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I already had the plastic hot dog holders and red baskets from a High School Musical party I had for my daughter nearly 10 years ago.  In fact, the stadium plans were drawn up around the dimensions of these items.

As usual, my husband really came through for me.  He built this stadium exactly as I had envisioned, despite thinking it is totally ridiculous (what – a snack stadium is so NOT ridiculous).

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After a lot (insert waaaay to much) of debating, I finally decided on a red, white and blue theme.  I wanted it to be adaptable for other parties:  think baseball, basketball, soccer, boxing, and rodeo (because I have a lot of rodeo parties).  No matter what American sport is being played, the stars and stripes are are displayed, so this stadium will match nearly any event.

I also made it so I can easily remove the flags, light posts and megatron to make storage easier.

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I’ll post pictures of it with the food after the event.  I just thought I would share my take on the Snack Stadium in case any of you need ideas of your own before the big game.

Now off to do more work on my husband’s 50th Birthday Party our Super Bowl Party. 🙂


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My first post in 2 years….and it’s only just a table.

It’ll be interesting to see how long it takes me to finish this post, since it’s been over 2 years since my last post.

There hasn’t been a lack of material to post about (we’ve been remodeling our house for quite some time), mostly just motivation to take the pictures and write up the posts.

So I have to start somewhere.  This is our dining room table.

DR Table 6

I purchased this table, which I believe was some sort of large desk originally, several years ago at auction.  It was my first time to this auction house and I patiently waited for this table to go on the auction block.

DR Table 1

It never did!  I approached the auction house owner to ask her if she was going to sell it.  She said they used the table and didn’t plan on selling it, however, if I was interested, I could have it for $30.  SOLD!

DR Table 3

I can’t find any of the original pictures of it.  It had tan legs, a black top and a large piece of glass over the top.  There are 2 BIG drawers, perfect for holding table linens.  I tried to strip the black off the top to see what was under the paint.  It was the wierdest thing.  I don’t know what was under there.  The more I stripped, the more the surface wore away.  Yes I said the surface wore away.  I had new clue what it was and it kind of freaked me out so I decided the next best thing to do would be build a new top for it.

DR Table 5

I purchased some old barn wood, which we planed down, glued together and formed a new table top.  I love it.  I had my husband build a frame around the whole table top.  I love the look of it, but seriously don’t run into the corner, because that can hurt.  Good thing there aren’t little ones living here.

DR Table 4

The centerpiece is my rather large cheese board.  Perfect for company.  It was made out of the reclaimed wood we covered our kitchen peninsula with – someday maybe I’ll share that as well.

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Yellow Barrel Chair

Quite some time ago I bought this chair at auction for a mere $5.00.  I probably could have gotten it cheaper as I think I was the only bidder on it.


The fabric was in great condition, but the wood had a few minor dings.  Since I purchased it for so cheap, I decided to try to sell it “as is” hoping to turn a quick easy profit.  But sadly that didn’t happen.  I was going to have to paint it.  I debated on the best way to protect the fabric, and ultimately decided to just tape it off.


I taped around all the edges with frog tape and covered the seat with a trash bag and hoped for the best.


I then carefully painted the chair with Miss Mustard Seed’s Linen Milk Paint.


And I’m pleased to say that between the careful painting and the taping off of the fabric, the fabric was well protected.  The chair was the first thing to sell out of my booth that day.


It’s amazing how a coat of paint transformed this ugly chair into a beauty.  And it really made the dated fabric come to life and look more stylish.


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My Favorite Christmas Present

Say hello to my favorite Christmas present


For at least a year, I have been on the lookout for a wardrobe to convert into a china cabinet for my dining room.  I wanted a wardrobe that was tall, took up a lot of wall space, and wasn’t deep.  I’ve seen a few pictures of painted wardrobes online and so dreamed of doing this myself.  My sister has the perfect wardrobe.  But sadly she didn’t want to sell it (I don’t blame her).  I’ve scoured sales and Craigslist forever, and not once did I find what I was looking for.

We are currently in the middle of a kitchen remodel.  Part of our kitchen remodel includes a mini remodel for our dining room.  Time was running out for me to find a wardrobe.  After a last ditch effort to get my sister to sell her wardrobe, I decided to refine my search on Craigslist.  I had always searched for “wardrobe”, but decided (out of desperation) to expand my search to cabinet.  The heavens opened up and a beautiful cabinet appeared before me on my screen.  More beautiful than any cabinet I could have dreamed of owning.  I had to have this cabinet and I waited on pins and needles all day for a response from the seller.  When I finally heard back, I was told if I wanted it….she could be mine!


The cabinet has been in the seller’s family since the 1970’s, and it was over 100 years old at that time.  When we showed up to pick up the cabinet, we met the owner’s son.  He said they pulled out his old kindergarten papers from the bottom.  We didn’t get to meet the owner, but I spent some time e-mailing her and I know that she absolutely loved the cabinet.  She wanted the cabinet to go to somebody who would treasure it as much as she did, but she has no worries there.  I’ve had it a month and admire it daily.  I am convinced that I will never in my lifetime find a cabinet (or wardrobe) I would rather have.  This cabinet is too perfect.

Besides the massive size and shallow depth, there are so many other things I love about this cabinet.  Beautiful wavy glass, glass knobs, original finish, behind the top 3 glass doors there are adjustable shelves (another HUGE bonus), key holes in the top portion and beautiful carvings.  And it is just so darn beautiful.


This cabinet is really more of a display piece of my favorite pieces/collections rather than a display of my fancy dishes.  I would much rather these type of items be on display anyway.  I had a blast creating my displays, which I will probably change out regularly.

So thank you big sister for NOT selling me your wardrobe.  Thank you for Jeanne for selling the cabinet to me.  And thank you daddy for my favorite Christmas present! 

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I picked up this luggage over the summer.


This wasn’t a good look, but I knew I could improve that.  First I added a coat of white chalk paint.  Then I taped off a couple of lines.


I painted it blue and waxed it up, and this is the final result:


I love how they turned out.  People comment on them plenty, but sadly they haven’t found a new home just yet.


Someday maybe.

This fall I placed an absentee bid on another piece of luggage at an auction house.  I won the bid, but sadly the luggage was in worse shape than I had thought.  I just didn’t know if I should take the time to paint it or junk it.  Then I saw a great idea in blogland and tried it for myself…


And this piece of luggage sold the first day at Charm.  Turns out this ugly duckling turned out to be a winner.

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Tripod Lamp….Sold!

Quite some time ago I purchased a telescope from auction real cheap.  My husband and I set about converting it to a floor lamp (similar to those sold by Pottery Barn).  Well apparently it wasn’t a success because it sat in my booth for months even though I marked it waaay down.


I got to thinking that perhaps it was the color.  Just maybe the legs looked a little to orangish.  I brought it home, took it apart and painted it white.


Ahhh…much better.  It is shown in this picture with the legs up, so it really cool that it can be used as a table lamp or a floor lamp.  Apparently the change of color did the trick, because it sold last weekend. 

Oh…in the before and after photos you may have noticed that the table underneath the lamp was painted too.  It had to be painted because of the bad spot on the top.  That table sold too.  I will share pics of that cool table in another post.

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My favorite Junkin Store is no longer a secret

Several times a year I get to visit my favorite Junkin Store (not really the name) when I visit my in-laws.


When I first started visiting it several years back I wasn’t a reseller….just a hunter.


But that didn’t stop me from loading up my car with awesome new finds.


As you can tell, you really have to dig in this store.  Nothing cleaned, nothing displayed, and plenty just piled on top.  I’m sure they bring stuff directly from the auction to the store.  Boy if I could merchandise this way, it sure would save a lot of time 😉


It’s in a cluster of buildings (though this is by far the biggest space) with broken windows, virtually no lighting and no heating or air conditioning except for one small room.


And it was great because I would shop and never run across another shopper.  But those days are gone.  Apparently my secret is out because there were many shoppers when I went on Friday, and again several shoppers when I was there on the cold cold Saturday.  I also noticed that there was a nearly empty corner that I had never been able to even see in before.  It was cleaned out and organized (will kinda). 

I went for a couple of hours on Friday and spent $71.  I decided to go back on Saturday because I might have missed something and well I missed out on another $50 of stuff.  I actually missed out on more but I ran out of cash and had to put a couple of things back.

Maybe next time I visit, more merchandise will be skimmed off the top, and I can get a better look at what’s really underneath the mounds of stuff!


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