I got a New Gig and a Table Redo x2

Last summer, I decided that it was time to leave Liberty Belle.  As a shopper, we are so lucky to have First Friday’s in the West Bottoms (Kansas City), but as a vendor, it was getting increasingly hard to sell when you are competing with 20+ other stores.  My plan was to stay through the end of the year to sell off most of the merchandise I had on hand.  I wasn’t going to purchase any new merchandise **insert rolling eyes right here because who did I think I was kidding**.

Then in July my sister told me about a new store she heard was opening, much, much closer to my home.  The store was going into a cute old farmhouse and it was called Charm.  I contacted the owners right away, picked out a space and signed the contract within days of talking to my sister.  And I’m glad I did, because within a week of my sister telling me about it, Charm was full.


I absolutely love being at Charm.  I have a great space, it’s so much closer to home, and the owners and fellow vendors are great.  And best of all….my monthly sales have picked back up.  Also, during nice weather, they have an outdoor flea market.  Check out Charm for yourself.  And if you’re in or around Kansas City, we hope you’ll visit us on Third Thursdays every month.

Now onto the table.  I finally scored a decent piece of furniture for free off of Craigs List.


I painted it with ASCP.  The legs and apron are Country Gray and the top is Antique White. 

I needed for it to sell in October because I had a tent in the outdoor flea market and they weren’t planning to reopen the flea market until spring.  This table was too big to fit in my indoor space, and I didn’t want to take it home.  The good news is, it sold, the bad news is they wanted me to paint it black.


After agreeing on a price and a timeline, I finally agreed to do paint it.  I must admit, though I did like the white, I really liked the black (I don’t normally paint black myself….I really seem to have problems getting the final product to look great).


And luckily the clients liked it too.  But somebody please tell me never to paint furniture for hire again.  It’s too much pressure.  If I mess up a table that I plan to sell, then it’s my loss.  If I mess up a piece of furniture that is not mine (in the case, the client paid for the table up front), then I have problems.  This table turned out, but I do have to admit, I lost sleep over worrying about it.

And with the table gone, 2 SUV’s full of donations, the packed garage you saw in the first photo of the table….is now full of my car.

P.S.:  If you’re wondering why I have so much underlining in my post…well I am too.  I haven’t posted in a while and lets just say this post took about twice as long as it should have because apparently I need to brush up on the changes.

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1 Response to I got a New Gig and a Table Redo x2

  1. Miss Ellie says:

    I can relate to the garage issue. My car won’t be going in the garage anytime soon. Congrats on the new space. Looks like it’ll be fun. “Charm” ..what a great name. The black table turned out great. Blacks a great statement color while still being neutral in most homes. I highly suggest it.
    Miss Ellie

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