My favorite Junkin Store is no longer a secret

Several times a year I get to visit my favorite Junkin Store (not really the name) when I visit my in-laws.


When I first started visiting it several years back I wasn’t a reseller….just a hunter.


But that didn’t stop me from loading up my car with awesome new finds.


As you can tell, you really have to dig in this store.  Nothing cleaned, nothing displayed, and plenty just piled on top.  I’m sure they bring stuff directly from the auction to the store.  Boy if I could merchandise this way, it sure would save a lot of time 😉


It’s in a cluster of buildings (though this is by far the biggest space) with broken windows, virtually no lighting and no heating or air conditioning except for one small room.


And it was great because I would shop and never run across another shopper.  But those days are gone.  Apparently my secret is out because there were many shoppers when I went on Friday, and again several shoppers when I was there on the cold cold Saturday.  I also noticed that there was a nearly empty corner that I had never been able to even see in before.  It was cleaned out and organized (will kinda). 

I went for a couple of hours on Friday and spent $71.  I decided to go back on Saturday because I might have missed something and well I missed out on another $50 of stuff.  I actually missed out on more but I ran out of cash and had to put a couple of things back.

Maybe next time I visit, more merchandise will be skimmed off the top, and I can get a better look at what’s really underneath the mounds of stuff!


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