My Favorite Christmas Present

Say hello to my favorite Christmas present


For at least a year, I have been on the lookout for a wardrobe to convert into a china cabinet for my dining room.  I wanted a wardrobe that was tall, took up a lot of wall space, and wasn’t deep.  I’ve seen a few pictures of painted wardrobes online and so dreamed of doing this myself.  My sister has the perfect wardrobe.  But sadly she didn’t want to sell it (I don’t blame her).  I’ve scoured sales and Craigslist forever, and not once did I find what I was looking for.

We are currently in the middle of a kitchen remodel.  Part of our kitchen remodel includes a mini remodel for our dining room.  Time was running out for me to find a wardrobe.  After a last ditch effort to get my sister to sell her wardrobe, I decided to refine my search on Craigslist.  I had always searched for “wardrobe”, but decided (out of desperation) to expand my search to cabinet.  The heavens opened up and a beautiful cabinet appeared before me on my screen.  More beautiful than any cabinet I could have dreamed of owning.  I had to have this cabinet and I waited on pins and needles all day for a response from the seller.  When I finally heard back, I was told if I wanted it….she could be mine!


The cabinet has been in the seller’s family since the 1970’s, and it was over 100 years old at that time.  When we showed up to pick up the cabinet, we met the owner’s son.  He said they pulled out his old kindergarten papers from the bottom.  We didn’t get to meet the owner, but I spent some time e-mailing her and I know that she absolutely loved the cabinet.  She wanted the cabinet to go to somebody who would treasure it as much as she did, but she has no worries there.  I’ve had it a month and admire it daily.  I am convinced that I will never in my lifetime find a cabinet (or wardrobe) I would rather have.  This cabinet is too perfect.

Besides the massive size and shallow depth, there are so many other things I love about this cabinet.  Beautiful wavy glass, glass knobs, original finish, behind the top 3 glass doors there are adjustable shelves (another HUGE bonus), key holes in the top portion and beautiful carvings.  And it is just so darn beautiful.


This cabinet is really more of a display piece of my favorite pieces/collections rather than a display of my fancy dishes.  I would much rather these type of items be on display anyway.  I had a blast creating my displays, which I will probably change out regularly.

So thank you big sister for NOT selling me your wardrobe.  Thank you for Jeanne for selling the cabinet to me.  And thank you daddy for my favorite Christmas present! 

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