If you look waaaay back in my December blog entries

you will see another out for pub.  Yay…..I received another e-mail from Home & Heart magazine last night.  Apparently they had liked one of my December submissions but it just wasn’t going to work in the magazine, so they saved it and decided it will now work.  I’m so excited because I must say that I LOVED that project (a pillow) and was really hopeful of it getting picked up.  This means that I will have 3 projects in the August issue.  Holy cow, I can’t tell you how elated I am.

 I’ve been busy card making…I’ve had so many to make these past couple of weeks.  I used the same design for a couple of the cards because I just didn’t have much time to create 10 designs to fill all the needs.  This card was (will be) given to my sister-in-law, my mother-in-law, my Bunco friend and I turned it into a sympathy card for the wife of my LSS.


Isn’t this little spider cute?  I made him out of wire and buttons.  It was part of a submission to Paper Trends.  I didn’t make the cut but was thinking I might post the rest of the pics in the fall.

Finally, here is a card I made for a Paper Crafts sketch submission.  It’s a window card.  It’s just so darn cute and cheerful.


I just love that Martha Stewart butteryfly punch!  I’m going to use it tons!

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4 Responses to If you look waaaay back in my December blog entries

  1. Latharia says:

    Love that spider! Extra cute! And congrats on all of your upcoming publications!

  2. Lisa you are too CUTE- Yes my header is new with last weeks post :’ )

    Congrats big time on the picked up sumission YAY ! Luv your spider and your cards !


  3. Elizabeth says:

    Those are some really cute cards! I love the fun with them and how bright they are too!

  4. maria says:

    yay Congrats girl 😀
    i love those cards are so pretty and the spider is so awesome great job

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