Woo Hoo….

I got a couple of projects picked up for the Home & Heart magazine which goes on sale in August (I believe).  It’s a quarterly magazine which was formerly known as Homegrown Hospitality.  I loved the premier issue of this magazine and I’m totally stoked that I will have 2 projects in an upcoming issue.  And if you want to check out the magazine before that time, they are having a new issue coming out on March 18 (I believe).

I found this out shortly after we got back in town after celebrating my mother-in-laws 80th birthday.  We had a party for her.  She told us it was her first birthday party ever.  Wow…I’ve had tons of them (ok well many of them) and couldn’t imagine having my first party at 80.  She had a great time.

But not everything has been so good.  Sadly the owner of the LSS I teach at passed away in late February.  It was a totally unexpected and sad loss as he was only 42 years old.  I believe I have taught my last class at the store this past weekend 😦

Also some of you scrappers might have run across this already, but in case you haven’t you can see what’s happened here.  I don’t know this girl in person.  In fact, I’m not sure if I’ve even run across her on a message board before, but I decided to send a card to her family.  Here it is:


How do you like that scalloped heart?  I was lucky enough to score one of these Martha Stewart punches at Michaels on clearance for $.99.  These babies are selling for over $30 on e-bay!  It’s so cute, but it sure is small.  I do love how the card turned out though…and I hope the family does too.

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