Entrance to the Man Cave

In the winter of 2010, we renovated our basement.  We mostly finished the job, but not completely.  It’s like you hit a certain point, and leave the extras for later….a lot later.

Here is how the entrance to the man cave has looked since that time.

This is what you saw overhead, if you bothered looking, when you came downstairs.  You would think this would really have bugged me because it looks so darn ugly….but really it wasn’t very noticeable because most people don’t look up at this point.

Yesterday I had my Pazzles out cutting vinyl letters for a banner I was making.  While I had my supplies out, I decided to make a sign with a $1.00 board I bought recently from an estate sale.

I really didn’t have anything in mind.  Something simple that would sell quickly is what I was after.  I hit Etsy for ideas.  When I stumbled across a sign saying Man Cave I knew that is what I wanted.

After painting the sign I thought to myself, hmmmm….I just wonder if this board would fit over the stairway.  And it did…perfectly.

Next step was to prep the area to make room for the new sign.  A little demoing, taping, and painting and the sign was ready to hang.

And now it’s the official entrance to the Man Cave (only really it is the family cave).

A totally unplanned project, that took about an hour to complete and looks great.  Can’t beat that!

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My Wooden Bowls

Thanks to blogland, I have many new obsessions.  And one of these obsessions are wooden bowls.

You may have noticed my new wooden bowl on my Killer Coffee Table Post.

I picked it up at an estate sale last week for $42.

It was an awesome estate sale, and I was standing in line at the end of the driveway to get in the door when they opened.

I spotted this bowl literally when I first walked in the door.  I’m so glad it was there, because I bet most people walked right by trying to rush inside to see what treasures were inside (and trust me there were plenty).

My daughter asked “You’re going to pay $42 for a bowl?”  You bet I am, and that was before I turned it over to see the price the owner paid for it.  Wow…$105 for a European Wood Bowl.

Over the winter, I picked up this wooden bowl from a fellow vendor at Liberty Belle.

It’s large and deep and I think I paid $37 for it.

Just like the first bowl, this one is unique.

This last bowl I picked up a couple of months ago at a garage sale for $10.

It sits a little wonky…I need to find some type of base to make it more stable.  But this is the only one I actually serve food out of.  Because it is so wide and shallow, it is the perfect vessel for serving fruit.

I have several more round wooden bowls that I use for food service as well, but they just aren’t as interesting as the ones I have scored this year.

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The Coffee Table that nearly Killed Me

This is one of those purchases that I regretted as soon as I walked out of the thrift store.

Perhaps it was the price of $29.  Not that it is a high price, but higher than I would normally pay for a piece that needed to be repaired to sell.  Or perhaps I somehow knew the transformation would take many different looks and months to complete.

The before picture shown above wasn’t the true before picture.  I didn’t take one, because I had no intention of totally transforming the table.  The top had a few scratches in the finish.  After reading some tutorials online I thought I could fix the scratches easily.  Not so.  I decided I would carefully sand the top so I wouldn’t have to pull out the stripper.

Bad choice.  I sanded too deep in a few spots.  And because I was doing this in the bright sunlight, I didn’t even notice until it was too late.  Plan B was to paint the table.  Since my clock face coffee table sold right away, I decided to do something similar.  This time I decided to make a compass face coffee table.

This is going to be soooo cool right.  WRONG!  I was out of chalk paint, so I decided to make my own.  Rather that carefully measuring out the ingredients, I just threw them together till I got the consistency I wanted then set to work.

When I removed the decals I really didn’t love the look.  I loved the look of the decal, but not the finished product.  None-the-less, I cleaned up my lines a bit and waxed it.  That is when I discovered something went wrong with the chalk paint.  The wax would NOT buff out.  I waited days, even weeks but the wax just never seemed to be anything other than gummy.

So I finally had to pull out the stripper and get rid of the paint.

For my last and final attempt I painted with milk paint, sanded and distressed it.

After this much effort, I wasn’t about to spend the extra time putting a clock-face or compass on it, even though I’m pretty certain it would have been a good use of my time because I would get a higher price for it.

The truly sad fact is, I think this is a Lane Coffee Table.  Had I just pulled out the stripper to begin with, it wouldn’t have taken long to strip, stain and re-seal it.  And I would have been able to put an even bigger price tag on it.

But all these month’s later, I am just thrilled to move it out of my house!

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From blah to fab!

I had a few items that I wanted to transform from blah to fab… including this lamp I purchased recently at an estate sale.

And this smaller lamp and frame, as well as a cloche base (not pictured).

I decided I loved the silvering look achieved by Villibarnes so I purchased the supplies I needed to achieve the faux silver look.

After cleaning up the projects and taping off the areas I didn’t want painted, I began the finish.

I loved this lamp because the shape really reminded me of a loving cup trophy (minus the handles).  The base even looks like a trophy base.

I loved the transformation of all the pieces

Including the cloche I forgot to photograph in it’s before state

These items along with other silver items will look great at the next sale at Liberty Belle.

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My New 4-Tier Server

Quite some time ago while doing my typical blog browsing I came across a super cute cupcake server made out of an old plant stand.  I knew I had to make my own.

It’s made with your vintage wood plant stand (such as this one found on e-bay).  You know, one of those ugly plant stands you see left and right for dirt cheap but you pass up because you have no use for it.  Only when you decide you want one, you look for months to find one.

It’s simple to make.  Just unscrew the original plant stand.  Save the actual plant shelves for another purpose because we only need the base and the support posts.

My inspiration piece was painted white and had 5 wooden circles painted white as well.  It was embellished with scallops made out of scrapbook paper to dress it up.  And it was sooooo cute.

I thought I could easily find 5 circles of wood in varying sizes to use for my own.  WRONG!  I looked at craft stores and hardware stores.  I needed to find another solution.  While shopping at one of my favorite antique stores I found a set of 4 round baking pans (similar to these I found on e-bay).  For a price of $9.50 I was sold immediately.

After pulling apart my plant stand and cleaning it up, I had to prepare my pans.  I Googled “How to find the center of a circle” and drilled a hole in the center of each pan.

I had to cut down the base of my plant stand because my bottom tier wasn’t big enough to cover the base.  Then I stained the raw cut edges and drilled new holes for the feet.

If I ever do find some wooden circles I can easily switch and I have an extra “link” of support to make an extra tier if I want one.  Right now, I have the cake pans facing up to make like a bowl, but if I want a flat top with no sides, I can turn the cake pans upside down.  Such a fun versatile piece.

Now I have yet another tiered server to add to my collection.  So I guess it’s time to throw another party 😉

Did you notice the cute store display stand with the picture of the butterfly (or is it a pretty moth?)….I was soooo excited to finally score not 1 but 2 from another vendor at Liberty Belle at last weekend’s sale.

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Funky Junk’s Saturday Nite Special

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The Green Side Table

I love blogs.  I love reading them, I only wish I would post to mine more.  I have lots of projects to post about, but every time I set down to post, I get tied up in looking at other blogs.  I can’t help myself.  Too many great ideas out there.  And looking is sooo much easier then editing photos (I at least take pictures – usually anyhow), uploading the photos and writing the posts.  I can’t write.

So anyhow it’s time for another post.  This one is on a beautiful side table I made over last summer.  But it’s beginnings weren’t that impressive.

This is how the table started out.  Really a pretty table…except for the top.

I decided to try milk paint.  I had just recently received my order of Old Fashioned Milk Paint and I selected Tavern Green as my color.

I loved the color and I loved how it looked on the table.

And apparently I wasn’t the only one who loved it, because is sold right away.

I kinda wish I had it back!

Thanks for stopping by!

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My New “Shoe Chest”

Welcome to my laundry room..

This room is where we enter the house.  It’s the messiest “finished” room in the house.  If this picture doesn’t look bad enough…check this sight out.

Yikes!!!!  This is our pile of shoes…mostly thanks to Allie.  I really needed to find a solution to this problem.

Enter in the “Shoe Chest”.

I picked this chest up last fall.  It actually has all the drawers, though every one of them needed to be glued back together.

I had plans to paint it and put it in my booth.  But when I was visioning what I was going to do with it the idea hit me that this piece was meant for me.

I had visioned turning the bottom drawers into open shelving.  I had also envisioned old locker baskets lined up on the shelves.  I had 4 locker baskets of my own, but there was no way I was going to sell them.

I didn’t want to buy baskets to line the shelves with only to turn around and sell the piece.  For fun, I grabbed my locker baskets just to see if they would fit in the space.  They fit perfectly.  So now I had to find a way…find a purpose (to please my husband) to make this piece mine.

Enter the shoe chest.

After converting the 3 drawers into shelves and painting the piece (inside and out) I carried this baby into the laundry room and basically threatened the household to use this shelf or else….

I know you would have liked to see a before picture of this chest.  And to be honest so would I.  I thought I took some pics in the garage before painting it, but I can’t find them.  I seem to think I take a lot of “before” pics that I can never find.  Seems to be a pattern with me.

The shoe chest doesn’t solve all my problems in the laundry room, but it sure looks better than my previous “solution” 😉

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Guest Room Redo

Our guest room was bad.  So bad in fact, that every time we had guests, I made my daughter clear out of her bedroom and find another place to sleep so our guests could sleep in comfort.

For the life of me I cannot find a before picture.  I’m sure I took some, but must have deleted them.  So close your eyes and picture this….blue sponge painted walls, ugly ceiling fan, disgusting carpet (thanks mostly to a cat we no longer have), uncomfortable mattress and stacks of clothing from my daughter’s room that she can no longer fit into.  The furniture was basically fine, just needed some repairs and updating.

Did I paint a good enough picture for you?

The first step was to remove everything from the room….including the carpet and baseboards.  I then painted the walls.  Three walls were painted a antique white color and the fourth wall I wanted the look of exposed wood.  Using Miss Mustard Seed’s Tutorial we got to work.

The next step was to do the flooring.  It took some major persuading to get my husband to go along with it but he finally relented and we made faux farmhouse wood flooring using plywood.  Before laying the floor, I left a little momento.

We used Frugal Farmhouse Design’s Tutorial as our guide.

We ditched the ceiling fan and installed an old chandelier I bought at a First Friday’s sale in Kansas City.  Here is partial portion of our lovely ceiling fan (minus the blades):

Dont’ you just love how it casts the light.  NOT!

And here is the lovely replacement.  Funny how things show up in pictures you never noticed before.  I have “ring around the light fixture”.

We made a display cabinet out of some old shelving and an old window I had.

I painted the old china cabinet (so mad that I don’t have the before of this either).

I bought a lot (on a budget of course) for the room.  I got this chair from another vendor at Liberty Belle.

I also got this industrial looking shelf from another vendor at Liberty Belle.

I got the shelf (door header hardware) also from another vendor at Liberty Belle.  The vendor said it came from an early 1900’s schoolhouse.

This bed came from my great grandmother.  The frame is in great shape, but we did reinforce it a bit with some gorilla glue.  I did get a new mattress and luxury sheets from Overstock.com.  I got the bedskirt, the shams, and 2 pillowcases from an estate sale.  I got the chenille bedspread at an auction last weekend for $12 (actually the box had 2 of them and the other one is in even better condition).  I’ve had the quilt since I was a girl.  I believe it was my grandmothers.

I bought the curtains at auction for $3.  I actually have a matching set.  I know they don’t go all the way down to the floor, but it doesn’t bother me.

At the same auction I picked up this lamp and picture on the wall.

I still have to hang some things on the wall and style my industrial shelving, but for the most part this room is considered done.

I’m kinda wanting to sleep in that bed right about now 😉

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Screen/Booth Divider

In anticipation of bringing my current space divider at Liberty Belle home –

I’ve been on the lookout for something new.  I wanted something that was easier to move and didn’t take up so much space (though I have to admit I LOVE the display possibilities with this piece).  Because I love this piece, I never had any intention of selling it so I put a real high price on it.  However, it took up a lot of space for something that essentially wasn’t for sale.  I needed to make room for things to sell.

Enter ReStore.  I wanted some kind of bi-fold doors to turn into a screen.  I really wanted something with a bit of charm .  And I got lucky.  I found a pair of these.

I picked them up for $10 a set.  They sat in my garage until the weather warmed up a bit, and last weekend I finally got to work on them.

After cleaning them, I used an antique white milk paint on them and ended up with this:

But they didn’t excite me in the least so I decided to add another layer.  This time I chose a gray/slate milk paint.

Much better…so I waxed it and got to work on the inserts – chalkboard and pegboard.  I really debated on painting the pegboard, however, I thought the brown color really worked well with the divider itself.  I also worried about it not holding paint well, and getting all chipped up.

I love how they came out…and I’ve got I whole display planned for my next sale on April 6th.

I have a few finishing touches I need to do.  I ‘m going to put glass knobs in the holes just under the chalkboard and pegboard.  And I think I better at least cover the plywood on the back…or the person in the booth next to me isn’t going to be very happy looking at this 🙂


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Aged Wooden Bowl

Quite some time back I picked up a plain, hand-made wooden bowl at an estate sale.

I loved the shape, but the bowl needed help.  It was far to yellow and it’s wood was in too pristine of condition for my taste.  Out to the driveway it went for a little transformation.  The wood is very soft and it is very lightweight (I have no idea what kind of wood it is) so it took my punishment very well.  I used a chain, a hammer, a screwdriver and an icepick.

This is what I was left with.


Nice “well loved” look, but still too yellow.

The next step was to age the wood.  I did so using the vinegar/steel wool method.  It’s hard to see in the picture, but I had steel wool floating around so I decided to strain it before using it.


Here is a picture that shows the difference the solution made on the  wood…the bottom is the only part that has been covered with the solution.

Here is the bowl after it’s been covered with the solution and waxed with dark wood Briwax.

Now the bowl looks awesome.  I love easy projects!

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