I got a New Gig and a Table Redo x2

Last summer, I decided that it was time to leave Liberty Belle.  As a shopper, we are so lucky to have First Friday’s in the West Bottoms (Kansas City), but as a vendor, it was getting increasingly hard to sell when you are competing with 20+ other stores.  My plan was to stay through the end of the year to sell off most of the merchandise I had on hand.  I wasn’t going to purchase any new merchandise **insert rolling eyes right here because who did I think I was kidding**.

Then in July my sister told me about a new store she heard was opening, much, much closer to my home.  The store was going into a cute old farmhouse and it was called Charm.  I contacted the owners right away, picked out a space and signed the contract within days of talking to my sister.  And I’m glad I did, because within a week of my sister telling me about it, Charm was full.


I absolutely love being at Charm.  I have a great space, it’s so much closer to home, and the owners and fellow vendors are great.  And best of all….my monthly sales have picked back up.  Also, during nice weather, they have an outdoor flea market.  Check out Charm for yourself.  And if you’re in or around Kansas City, we hope you’ll visit us on Third Thursdays every month.

Now onto the table.  I finally scored a decent piece of furniture for free off of Craigs List.


I painted it with ASCP.  The legs and apron are Country Gray and the top is Antique White. 

I needed for it to sell in October because I had a tent in the outdoor flea market and they weren’t planning to reopen the flea market until spring.  This table was too big to fit in my indoor space, and I didn’t want to take it home.  The good news is, it sold, the bad news is they wanted me to paint it black.


After agreeing on a price and a timeline, I finally agreed to do paint it.  I must admit, though I did like the white, I really liked the black (I don’t normally paint black myself….I really seem to have problems getting the final product to look great).


And luckily the clients liked it too.  But somebody please tell me never to paint furniture for hire again.  It’s too much pressure.  If I mess up a table that I plan to sell, then it’s my loss.  If I mess up a piece of furniture that is not mine (in the case, the client paid for the table up front), then I have problems.  This table turned out, but I do have to admit, I lost sleep over worrying about it.

And with the table gone, 2 SUV’s full of donations, the packed garage you saw in the first photo of the table….is now full of my car.

P.S.:  If you’re wondering why I have so much underlining in my post…well I am too.  I haven’t posted in a while and lets just say this post took about twice as long as it should have because apparently I need to brush up on the changes.

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Clock Face Stool

About a month ago, I picked up both of these stools at an estate sale.

Both were very dirty (as was EVERYTHING in the house), and the metal was in bad shape.

To clean up the metal I rubbed with the finest grade of steel wool (I believe it was 0000).  I thought I would show you the pile of debris left behind after this process…look at the upper right hand corner.  It took a whole piece (?) of steel wool to clean both pieces.

The next step was to fix the top.  But first, I had to see if the top was removable.

Bingo…it was.  Then I had to decide on an image.

This looks good.  I transferred the clock face onto a drop cloth using the CitraSolv method.

The top looks good.  And the metal cleaned up nicely too.

Isn’t the propeller behind the stool cool?  I picked that up at auction several weeks ago.  I don’t think I can part with it.  I plan to remove the cheap clock mechanism and hang it up in the kitchen.

The clock-face stool is at Liberty Belle waiting to go home with somebody else.

The short stool on casters, pictured earlier in the post, is staying home with me.  It will be perfect for me to roll around on while painting furniture.

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Heavy Metal Night Stand

I’ve had this night stand in my basement for probably a decade.  I picked it up cheap somewhere with the intention of some day fixing it up and using it as a nightstand for myself (this was long before I began routinely fixing up furniture).

Definite signs of storage….lots of dust and cobwebs.

Have you seen this awesome faux zinc dresser?  I immediately fell and love and decided to try this technique on this nightstand.  It was super easy to do.  Here is a photo after 2 coats of ASCP Graphite, sanding and 1 coat of clear wax.

I loved the finish even though my finish doesn’t look nearly as good as The Salvage Collection’s.

Here is the nightstand all finished and priced to sell.

I absolutely love the industrial look and the legs fit the finish perfectly.

I really hate to sell it now, but really I don’t have a place for it.  So here it sits at Liberty Belle waiting for somebody to give it a new home.

I loved the technique so much that 2 days later I tried it on another piece…to be revealed another time.

Partying at:  Funky Junk’s Saturday Nite Special

Miss Mustard Seed’s Furniture Feature Friday

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Entrance to the Man Cave

In the winter of 2010, we renovated our basement.  We mostly finished the job, but not completely.  It’s like you hit a certain point, and leave the extras for later….a lot later.

Here is how the entrance to the man cave has looked since that time.

This is what you saw overhead, if you bothered looking, when you came downstairs.  You would think this would really have bugged me because it looks so darn ugly….but really it wasn’t very noticeable because most people don’t look up at this point.

Yesterday I had my Pazzles out cutting vinyl letters for a banner I was making.  While I had my supplies out, I decided to make a sign with a $1.00 board I bought recently from an estate sale.

I really didn’t have anything in mind.  Something simple that would sell quickly is what I was after.  I hit Etsy for ideas.  When I stumbled across a sign saying Man Cave I knew that is what I wanted.

After painting the sign I thought to myself, hmmmm….I just wonder if this board would fit over the stairway.  And it did…perfectly.

Next step was to prep the area to make room for the new sign.  A little demoing, taping, and painting and the sign was ready to hang.

And now it’s the official entrance to the Man Cave (only really it is the family cave).

A totally unplanned project, that took about an hour to complete and looks great.  Can’t beat that!

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My Wooden Bowls

Thanks to blogland, I have many new obsessions.  And one of these obsessions are wooden bowls.

You may have noticed my new wooden bowl on my Killer Coffee Table Post.

I picked it up at an estate sale last week for $42.

It was an awesome estate sale, and I was standing in line at the end of the driveway to get in the door when they opened.

I spotted this bowl literally when I first walked in the door.  I’m so glad it was there, because I bet most people walked right by trying to rush inside to see what treasures were inside (and trust me there were plenty).

My daughter asked “You’re going to pay $42 for a bowl?”  You bet I am, and that was before I turned it over to see the price the owner paid for it.  Wow…$105 for a European Wood Bowl.

Over the winter, I picked up this wooden bowl from a fellow vendor at Liberty Belle.

It’s large and deep and I think I paid $37 for it.

Just like the first bowl, this one is unique.

This last bowl I picked up a couple of months ago at a garage sale for $10.

It sits a little wonky…I need to find some type of base to make it more stable.  But this is the only one I actually serve food out of.  Because it is so wide and shallow, it is the perfect vessel for serving fruit.

I have several more round wooden bowls that I use for food service as well, but they just aren’t as interesting as the ones I have scored this year.

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The Coffee Table that nearly Killed Me

This is one of those purchases that I regretted as soon as I walked out of the thrift store.

Perhaps it was the price of $29.  Not that it is a high price, but higher than I would normally pay for a piece that needed to be repaired to sell.  Or perhaps I somehow knew the transformation would take many different looks and months to complete.

The before picture shown above wasn’t the true before picture.  I didn’t take one, because I had no intention of totally transforming the table.  The top had a few scratches in the finish.  After reading some tutorials online I thought I could fix the scratches easily.  Not so.  I decided I would carefully sand the top so I wouldn’t have to pull out the stripper.

Bad choice.  I sanded too deep in a few spots.  And because I was doing this in the bright sunlight, I didn’t even notice until it was too late.  Plan B was to paint the table.  Since my clock face coffee table sold right away, I decided to do something similar.  This time I decided to make a compass face coffee table.

This is going to be soooo cool right.  WRONG!  I was out of chalk paint, so I decided to make my own.  Rather that carefully measuring out the ingredients, I just threw them together till I got the consistency I wanted then set to work.

When I removed the decals I really didn’t love the look.  I loved the look of the decal, but not the finished product.  None-the-less, I cleaned up my lines a bit and waxed it.  That is when I discovered something went wrong with the chalk paint.  The wax would NOT buff out.  I waited days, even weeks but the wax just never seemed to be anything other than gummy.

So I finally had to pull out the stripper and get rid of the paint.

For my last and final attempt I painted with milk paint, sanded and distressed it.

After this much effort, I wasn’t about to spend the extra time putting a clock-face or compass on it, even though I’m pretty certain it would have been a good use of my time because I would get a higher price for it.

The truly sad fact is, I think this is a Lane Coffee Table.  Had I just pulled out the stripper to begin with, it wouldn’t have taken long to strip, stain and re-seal it.  And I would have been able to put an even bigger price tag on it.

But all these month’s later, I am just thrilled to move it out of my house!

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From blah to fab!

I had a few items that I wanted to transform from blah to fab… including this lamp I purchased recently at an estate sale.

And this smaller lamp and frame, as well as a cloche base (not pictured).

I decided I loved the silvering look achieved by Villibarnes so I purchased the supplies I needed to achieve the faux silver look.

After cleaning up the projects and taping off the areas I didn’t want painted, I began the finish.

I loved this lamp because the shape really reminded me of a loving cup trophy (minus the handles).  The base even looks like a trophy base.

I loved the transformation of all the pieces

Including the cloche I forgot to photograph in it’s before state

These items along with other silver items will look great at the next sale at Liberty Belle.

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