Entrance to the Man Cave

In the winter of 2010, we renovated our basement.  We mostly finished the job, but not completely.  It’s like you hit a certain point, and leave the extras for later….a lot later.

Here is how the entrance to the man cave has looked since that time.

This is what you saw overhead, if you bothered looking, when you came downstairs.  You would think this would really have bugged me because it looks so darn ugly….but really it wasn’t very noticeable because most people don’t look up at this point.

Yesterday I had my Pazzles out cutting vinyl letters for a banner I was making.  While I had my supplies out, I decided to make a sign with a $1.00 board I bought recently from an estate sale.

I really didn’t have anything in mind.  Something simple that would sell quickly is what I was after.  I hit Etsy for ideas.  When I stumbled across a sign saying Man Cave I knew that is what I wanted.

After painting the sign I thought to myself, hmmmm….I just wonder if this board would fit over the stairway.  And it did…perfectly.

Next step was to prep the area to make room for the new sign.  A little demoing, taping, and painting and the sign was ready to hang.

And now it’s the official entrance to the Man Cave (only really it is the family cave).

A totally unplanned project, that took about an hour to complete and looks great.  Can’t beat that!

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