From blah to fab!

I had a few items that I wanted to transform from blah to fab… including this lamp I purchased recently at an estate sale.

And this smaller lamp and frame, as well as a cloche base (not pictured).

I decided I loved the silvering look achieved by Villibarnes so I purchased the supplies I needed to achieve the faux silver look.

After cleaning up the projects and taping off the areas I didn’t want painted, I began the finish.

I loved this lamp because the shape really reminded me of a loving cup trophy (minus the handles).  The base even looks like a trophy base.

I loved the transformation of all the pieces

Including the cloche I forgot to photograph in it’s before state

These items along with other silver items will look great at the next sale at Liberty Belle.

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2 Responses to From blah to fab!

  1. Terry Moore says:

    Oh yes! I love them too. I’ll have to check out this process.

  2. Michele says:

    Those were some dramatic transformations. The lamp looks great, ditto all the other pieces.

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