My New 4-Tier Server

Quite some time ago while doing my typical blog browsing I came across a super cute cupcake server made out of an old plant stand.  I knew I had to make my own.

It’s made with your vintage wood plant stand (such as this one found on e-bay).  You know, one of those ugly plant stands you see left and right for dirt cheap but you pass up because you have no use for it.  Only when you decide you want one, you look for months to find one.

It’s simple to make.  Just unscrew the original plant stand.  Save the actual plant shelves for another purpose because we only need the base and the support posts.

My inspiration piece was painted white and had 5 wooden circles painted white as well.  It was embellished with scallops made out of scrapbook paper to dress it up.  And it was sooooo cute.

I thought I could easily find 5 circles of wood in varying sizes to use for my own.  WRONG!  I looked at craft stores and hardware stores.  I needed to find another solution.  While shopping at one of my favorite antique stores I found a set of 4 round baking pans (similar to these I found on e-bay).  For a price of $9.50 I was sold immediately.

After pulling apart my plant stand and cleaning it up, I had to prepare my pans.  I Googled “How to find the center of a circle” and drilled a hole in the center of each pan.

I had to cut down the base of my plant stand because my bottom tier wasn’t big enough to cover the base.  Then I stained the raw cut edges and drilled new holes for the feet.

If I ever do find some wooden circles I can easily switch and I have an extra “link” of support to make an extra tier if I want one.  Right now, I have the cake pans facing up to make like a bowl, but if I want a flat top with no sides, I can turn the cake pans upside down.  Such a fun versatile piece.

Now I have yet another tiered server to add to my collection.  So I guess it’s time to throw another party 😉

Did you notice the cute store display stand with the picture of the butterfly (or is it a pretty moth?)….I was soooo excited to finally score not 1 but 2 from another vendor at Liberty Belle at last weekend’s sale.

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3 Responses to My New 4-Tier Server

  1. This server is fantastic. Thanks for sharing such a great idea.

  2. Susan says:

    I made one of these too with a cheesecake pan bottom and a bundt cake top. I also made a giant cupcake tiered tray using large pizza pans and wooden salt and pepper mills taken apart. I love the way yours came out. I especially love the graduated pans you used…. Makes me want to order those pans from ebay and give yours a try! Nice job.

  3. Plant Stands says:

    A great use for an old plant stand…nice.

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