My New “Shoe Chest”

Welcome to my laundry room..

This room is where we enter the house.  It’s the messiest “finished” room in the house.  If this picture doesn’t look bad enough…check this sight out.

Yikes!!!!  This is our pile of shoes…mostly thanks to Allie.  I really needed to find a solution to this problem.

Enter in the “Shoe Chest”.

I picked this chest up last fall.  It actually has all the drawers, though every one of them needed to be glued back together.

I had plans to paint it and put it in my booth.  But when I was visioning what I was going to do with it the idea hit me that this piece was meant for me.

I had visioned turning the bottom drawers into open shelving.  I had also envisioned old locker baskets lined up on the shelves.  I had 4 locker baskets of my own, but there was no way I was going to sell them.

I didn’t want to buy baskets to line the shelves with only to turn around and sell the piece.  For fun, I grabbed my locker baskets just to see if they would fit in the space.  They fit perfectly.  So now I had to find a way…find a purpose (to please my husband) to make this piece mine.

Enter the shoe chest.

After converting the 3 drawers into shelves and painting the piece (inside and out) I carried this baby into the laundry room and basically threatened the household to use this shelf or else….

I know you would have liked to see a before picture of this chest.  And to be honest so would I.  I thought I took some pics in the garage before painting it, but I can’t find them.  I seem to think I take a lot of “before” pics that I can never find.  Seems to be a pattern with me.

The shoe chest doesn’t solve all my problems in the laundry room, but it sure looks better than my previous “solution” 😉

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