Guest Room Redo

Our guest room was bad.  So bad in fact, that every time we had guests, I made my daughter clear out of her bedroom and find another place to sleep so our guests could sleep in comfort.

For the life of me I cannot find a before picture.  I’m sure I took some, but must have deleted them.  So close your eyes and picture this….blue sponge painted walls, ugly ceiling fan, disgusting carpet (thanks mostly to a cat we no longer have), uncomfortable mattress and stacks of clothing from my daughter’s room that she can no longer fit into.  The furniture was basically fine, just needed some repairs and updating.

Did I paint a good enough picture for you?

The first step was to remove everything from the room….including the carpet and baseboards.  I then painted the walls.  Three walls were painted a antique white color and the fourth wall I wanted the look of exposed wood.  Using Miss Mustard Seed’s Tutorial we got to work.

The next step was to do the flooring.  It took some major persuading to get my husband to go along with it but he finally relented and we made faux farmhouse wood flooring using plywood.  Before laying the floor, I left a little momento.

We used Frugal Farmhouse Design’s Tutorial as our guide.

We ditched the ceiling fan and installed an old chandelier I bought at a First Friday’s sale in Kansas City.  Here is partial portion of our lovely ceiling fan (minus the blades):

Dont’ you just love how it casts the light.  NOT!

And here is the lovely replacement.  Funny how things show up in pictures you never noticed before.  I have “ring around the light fixture”.

We made a display cabinet out of some old shelving and an old window I had.

I painted the old china cabinet (so mad that I don’t have the before of this either).

I bought a lot (on a budget of course) for the room.  I got this chair from another vendor at Liberty Belle.

I also got this industrial looking shelf from another vendor at Liberty Belle.

I got the shelf (door header hardware) also from another vendor at Liberty Belle.  The vendor said it came from an early 1900’s schoolhouse.

This bed came from my great grandmother.  The frame is in great shape, but we did reinforce it a bit with some gorilla glue.  I did get a new mattress and luxury sheets from  I got the bedskirt, the shams, and 2 pillowcases from an estate sale.  I got the chenille bedspread at an auction last weekend for $12 (actually the box had 2 of them and the other one is in even better condition).  I’ve had the quilt since I was a girl.  I believe it was my grandmothers.

I bought the curtains at auction for $3.  I actually have a matching set.  I know they don’t go all the way down to the floor, but it doesn’t bother me.

At the same auction I picked up this lamp and picture on the wall.

I still have to hang some things on the wall and style my industrial shelving, but for the most part this room is considered done.

I’m kinda wanting to sleep in that bed right about now 😉

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2 Responses to Guest Room Redo

  1. Pat says:

    You did a fantastic job on this room.
    I like the wall ( I saw it when MMS did her’s, she is such an inspiration) Yours looks every bit as good. I’ll have to go and check out the floor inspiration…I’ve not seen it. But Iike how your’s turned out.
    It looks wonderful in there. Very Cozy… I’d like to book a reservation please. With orders to not disturb! …he he he.

    -Pat, (my favorite piece is the display shelf you made with a window. Very nice~

  2. Love how this room turned out! It looks very cozy and farmhouse-y. I love that display shelf made from the old window. I think I would stand there for an hour just discovering all the little goodies inside. Great job!

    Thanks for stopping by The Cozy Old Farmhouse and commenting on my vintage flour bin turned laundry detergent bin.

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