Screen/Booth Divider

In anticipation of bringing my current space divider at Liberty Belle home –

I’ve been on the lookout for something new.  I wanted something that was easier to move and didn’t take up so much space (though I have to admit I LOVE the display possibilities with this piece).  Because I love this piece, I never had any intention of selling it so I put a real high price on it.  However, it took up a lot of space for something that essentially wasn’t for sale.  I needed to make room for things to sell.

Enter ReStore.  I wanted some kind of bi-fold doors to turn into a screen.  I really wanted something with a bit of charm .  And I got lucky.  I found a pair of these.

I picked them up for $10 a set.  They sat in my garage until the weather warmed up a bit, and last weekend I finally got to work on them.

After cleaning them, I used an antique white milk paint on them and ended up with this:

But they didn’t excite me in the least so I decided to add another layer.  This time I chose a gray/slate milk paint.

Much better…so I waxed it and got to work on the inserts – chalkboard and pegboard.  I really debated on painting the pegboard, however, I thought the brown color really worked well with the divider itself.  I also worried about it not holding paint well, and getting all chipped up.

I love how they came out…and I’ve got I whole display planned for my next sale on April 6th.

I have a few finishing touches I need to do.  I ‘m going to put glass knobs in the holes just under the chalkboard and pegboard.  And I think I better at least cover the plywood on the back…or the person in the booth next to me isn’t going to be very happy looking at this 🙂


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One Response to Screen/Booth Divider

  1. E Hunter says:

    Love this- are you going to brace this ? I had a similar idea but I am worried it may fall on someone.

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