We have a cool new bar

I picked up the awesome dental cabinet at auction for a mere $35.

I was the only bidder.  I probably could have gotten it for less.

Perhaps this is why nobody was interested in it.

This is what the cabinet looked like when I bought it.  Well sort of.  The top was painted black and I had already stripped that off.

Contributing to it ugly appearance, it was awfully dusty (even by my standards), it had a broken caster and one of the drawers was put in wrong so it didn’t close properly.

Fortunately for me, my fellow auctionmates obviously haven’t seen how awesome metal cabinets and lockers look either stripped down to bare metal or painted with silver paint.

Even though I knew how I wanted to finish it, it sat in my garage because I didn’t know where this would go in my house (or what beloved piece of furniture I would have to get rid of to make room).  It would take me months to figure out a purpose for this cabinet.  And when I did finally come up with it’s new use, I won my husband over when I told him it would be a bar in his man cave.

I stripped off some of the paint and then got to sanding.  Unfortunately, sanding proved to be too big a task to get down to bare metal (my original plan) so plan “B” was to spray paint it.

I’m a little impatient when it comes to sanding and try as I might, I didn’t get a completely smooth surface to start with.  So we chose Rustoleum’s Hammered Silver spray paint to help camouflage the imperfections.

After taping off the parts I wanted left alone, I got to spraying.  I think the whole piece got two coats of spray paint, and some areas more.

I put all the hardware in an egg carton to hold it in place while I sprayed it.

Initially I thought that this cabinet had 2 small drawers and 3 large drawers.  But was surprised to learn that each drawer is just a little larger than the previous drawer.

I didn’t happen to have a spare wooden caster laying around to replace the broken one.  Lucky for me, I had gone to an auction the very day we were finishing up the cabinet.  I found a chair with casters on it in the dumpster and snagged the casters (with no particular project in mind…I just like to have casters if I need them).  My husband had to do a little rigging to them, but they work perfectly.

The cabinet had a lock.  We decided that perhaps we should lock up the liquor since we have a teenager in the house (not that the liquor is locked up now though) and it will be so easily accessible.  We had no key, however, my husband was thrilled to learn that the key was broken off in the lock.  Sounded like a problem to me, but my husband got the key out and I kid you not, fashioned a duplicate key out of a jig saw blade.

We added a light inside the cabinet.

And to complete the bar, we brought a mini (also locking) refrigerator in from the garage.

I also painted this awesome trash can with the hammered silver paint.  I got this at the same auction house for $15 back in August.  I easily could have sold this item in my booth at Liberty Belle, but something made me hang on to it.  Glad I did!

And on top I “temporarily” have this cool liqueur beverage dispenser which I picked up for a song at the Salvation Army.  I say temporary because I will put it in my booth at Liberty Belle next month.  But for now, I get to enjoy it.

So here is my our new bar area in all it’s glory!

Would you like to come over for a drink?

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3 Responses to We have a cool new bar

  1. amy says:

    wow! what a find and a heck of job you did on it! i’ll have a beer, please!!

  2. This is an AMAZING piece!

  3. Rasha says:

    It was a trash and you made it a treasure ..amazing…
    thank you for your sweet comment

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