Wire Organizer Frame

A while back ago, I picked up 3 “lovely” large framed paintings from Goodwill.


I bought them because I knew they would make great display organizers.

After removing the artwork it was time to paint.

I initially was going to remove the “canvas” interior matting, but it was more work than I was willing to put forth at that given moment.  I just painted over it (knowing that if it looked bad, I could remove it later).

Turns out that I liked the look of the painted canvas, and the extra bulk of the frame by having that “matting”.

Next, I removed the existing hardware.

And installed my own.

Using 20 gauge wire, I created a zig-zag pattern across the back of the frame, securing in place with my staple gun (make sure your staples don’t show through to the front of the frame!).

Here is the final product hanging in my booth.

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