Chair and nightstand redo

I got this nightstand about a year ago at an auction for $2.00.  It was stained and I had decided to paint it white a while back.

I didn’t really have a use for it and it got put into storage for many months.  I decided to fix it up and take it to Liberty Belle.

I decided that some vintage sheet music would be perfect on this piece.  I taped off the top and got to work.

I decopauged sheet music onto the top and into the drawer inserts.

Then I waxed it.

I picked up this chair at another auction for an insanely low price.

Awesome chair, ugly cushion and VERY wobbly.

After a couple go arounds with Gorilla Glue, a chisel and some sandpaper (to clean up the glue residue) I finished it off with Restor A Finish.

And here are the finished products being modeled by my lovely assistant Frankie.

Here is a close-up of the top.

These projects are now all finished and ready to be taken to my booth next weekend.  See my other post on my glittered pumpkin/sheet music pumpkins.

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