Chair & Table

I picked up this chair for $3.00 at the local consignment auction house.

Actually, I picked up all 3 chairs from the same auction house but so far I have only finished the middle chair.  You can’t tell from the washed out photo…but the cushion is a lovely (NOT!) shade of gold.

I picked up this table for a whopping $1.00 at an estate auction last July.

Both items needed to be glued back together to improve stability and the table took a bit of sanding.  Both were painted with Barn Red milk paint and protected with Briwax.  The chair cushion was re-covered with bleached drop cloth.

Here is the pair before heading down to my booth at the Liberty Belle.

Yikes…. it looks like we need to make some time to mow the grass one last time this season.  Please ignore it…and the weeds in the back…I HATE to garden.

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One Response to Chair & Table

  1. Revi says:

    Nice finds, great prices, and love your fixes and revisions!

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