I ran across this definition in Found, Free & Flea.

Heirloom (noun): a personal possession that usually has a sentimental value which exceeds it’s monetary value.

That describes this chalkboard to a “T”.

I purchased this chalkboard last night at our church auction for a whopping $160.  Not typically a price I would be willing to pay for a framed chalkboard…unless perhaps it is big enough to cover an entire wall.

But this isn’t just any ole chalkboard.  It has sentimental value.  This is what the back reads:

“Blackboard Wea Rural High School, 2011 Queen of the Holy Rosary Auction, Corky”.  My daughter attends a small private school in the country.  The building she goes to school in is less than 10 years old.  The original school started many many years ago, I believe over 100 years ago.  The school closed down.  About 10 years ago a decision was made to re-open the school, except they built a new building.

The old school remained on church grounds until about a month ago.  The building was deteriorating and really needed to come down.  Dedicated parishioners salvaged what they could from the church and several items from the old school went up for auction.

This chalkboard came out of that old school building.  And the frame around it came from old church kneelers that are also over 100 years old.

A total of 4 chalkboards were up for auction.  Imagine my surprise when I got the thumbs up from my husband to bid on one of these chalkboards.  I was thrilled when the auction ended and I was a winner!

This sucker is heavy.  We had to break out the big guns to make sure this puppy didn’t fall off the wall.  A while back ago, I told you about a semi-annual barn sale that I love to attend.  Well Corky and his wife have the sale.  They are parishioners of our church and Corky makes many items for our church auction every year.  All of his items go for a lot of money and I am so thrilled to have one of his pieces.

Even though I never attended the “old school” and neither did my daughter, the building did have sentimental value.  I miss seeing it on church grounds 😦  And it would be that same sentimental value that made me bid $55 on one of these glass blocks:

They came out of the old school as well.  They were in the old gym.

And check out behind the block.  I’ve been wanting a balance scale for a long time, and a couple of months ago I scored this one from a neighbor’s garage sale for $25.

Finally, I am happy & sad to say my secretary in my last post sold.  Even though I loved it, I had no room for it…and my husband didn’t like my paint decisions.  But on related exciting news:  Miss Mustard Seed featured it on her Furniture Feature Friday this weekend.  The number of hits to my blog on Saturday more than doubled my previous highest day.  Yay…I’m so excited 🙂


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