Deep Shelving

I picked up this shelf at my favorite junk store in my husband’s home town.

It had a “hold” sign on it when I found it, but I decided to inquire anyhow.  It looked pretty bad, however the $7.50 price tag was looking real attractive to me.  And much to my delight, they sold it to me.

The top was in rough condition.  Nothing that a little wood filler and a sander wouldn’t fix.

I painted it inside and out with ASCP Old White.

Here is the finished product in my booth at the Liberty Belle.

It didn’t sell at my first sale, which is ok because it is a good storage piece.  I think it was an old radio or tv cabinet that was converted to shelving.  It is really, really deep.  I think it would look great in a bathroom stuffed with towels.

I wish I had a place for it at home with me…


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One Response to Deep Shelving

  1. Christie says:

    And I have this SAME bookshelf! Are we twins? 🙂

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