I’ve been MIA –

But I have a good excuse!  Really!!!

Not only did I take a mini-vacation, throw a baby shower, and deal with a out of town family member who spent over a week in the hospital (he is much better btw), but I opened a booth at the Liberty Belle.

I have been wanting to open a booth for several months.  I decided to take the plunge and contact the Liberty Belle.  I knew I had too much going on in July to open a booth for the August sale, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to contact the manager to see if there were any spaces available.  She called me in to meet and before I knew it, I signed up immediately.

As I said before, I knew I had too much going on to pull a whole booth together in 4 weeks, but I couldn’t refuse the opening offered to me.  What if there were no more spaces left the next month?  I had to jump on it.

I had to kick it into gear on my free time, with the hopes of having a semi-respectable space for the first sale.  So here we go…

This is what I started with:

A brick wall, a wood floor, a couple of poles coming through the floor in the back corner and an ugly fluorescent light.

My husband was very helpful in getting me started.  It was HOT in the building this day.  We had to carry this monstrosity of a ladder through the store and set it up in my space to hang all the fixtures I wanted.

It was a hot miserable couple of hours, but the good news is that he won’t have to drag that ladder around to hang anything again.  We planned for the future 🙂

Despite my worries about creating a respectable booth, I managed to start the sale with it looking like this.

Not too shabby!  I was pleased.  I got waaay more done than I thought I could.

I had my daughter make this sign for me.

And it worked!  Because this is what I found when I arrived Sunday morning.

I didn’t sell much furniture, but I sold a ton of smalls!  So I had to restock.  Here is the space after I re-stocked.

I love the green metal file cabinet.  I just purchased it a couple of days before.

And do you see the table and topper the file cabinet is setting on?  I purchased each piece separately several months ago hoping to someday use as a display piece in my booth.  Turns out several people went to the register trying to buy it even though I had “NFS” on it in 2 places.  The owner convinced me to put a price on it.  So I did….a REALLY high price.  I kinda hope it doesn’t sell, but if it ever does…I’ll make a sweet profit!

In the past 2 weeks I have amassed a garage full of furniture and other goods to sell.  I’m going to have a well-stocked booth for the September sale.  And as a bonus….I’ll be able to park in my garage again.

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2 Responses to I’ve been MIA –

  1. Suzanne says:

    Thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday and leaving a cute comment about “Spot” the table– I followed you back to your blog (I recognized it from leaving a comment for YOU a couple of days ago- small world!) and as soon as I find the “Follower” button, PING- I’ll Follow you, The news of your new booth is so exciting, I wanna keep posted.

    Good luck you at Liberty Belle.
    Smiles, Suzanne @whycuzican

  2. Suzanne says:

    Opps, you are at wordpress. didn’t know you didn’t have a “Follow” button (I’m at blogspot) so I’ll do it by email to keep me posted and reminded to follow your blog 🙂

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