My Wooden Bowl is Distressed!

I picked up this cool wooden bowl at an estate sale back in May.

There was a lot of woodworking tools and wood at this sale, so I believe that the homeowner actually made this bowl.

It was very yellow and a light-weight wood.  I have no clue what type of wood it was.  The first order of business was to beat it up a little.  I took a chain, a hammer and an awl to it.  It’s kinda fun to purposely “ruin” something.

The next order of business was to change the color.  I found this great tutorial involving vinegar and steel wool.

I think perhaps I did it wrong…my steel wool completely dissolved in the vinegar so I had to strain it before using it.

Let the aging begin…

The tutorial was right, it goes on light and gets darker.  This picture was taken shortly after I applied a coat to the bottom of the bowl.

And this is what it looked like after only 1 coat.

I love how the “stain” settled into all the dents and dings I created.

It actually looks pretty good in the pictures, but it didn’t look quite this good in person.  After much internal debate, I decided to wax it.  First I used clear wax and went over the whole bowl and then I went back over sections of it with dark wax.

I love how it looks now.  And doesn’t it look great with my vintage croquet balls in it?

Too bad it is not food safe….otherwise I might just have to keep it.

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