Glittered Cross

I made a cross for a friend who is moving away.

I used silver German Glass Glitter on the cross.  I didn’t take a picture of the process but here are the supplies you need:

  • A cross (or whatever shape) that can be purchased from a craft store
  • White craft glue with some sort of tray to put it in (it needs to dry clear)
  • A brush you don’t care about ruining
  • German Glass Glitter
  • a craft mat or protective surface is highly recommended
  • disposable gloves also highly recommended (the glitter can be sharp, plus you will get glue on yourself).
  1. The first step was to remove the flimsy gold hanger by simply cutting it off.  Punch a couple of holes in the top to string a new hanger (you could apply gentle pressure with something sharp (like an awl) or you could also use a drill.
  2. Put your glove on (I only glove the hand that is holding the item being glittered…in my case that is my left hand – I use my right hand to paint on the glue and apply the glitter).
  3. Pour some glue into your tray and begin applying a fairly thick even coat all over your ornament.  Once it is covered with glue, apply the German Glass Glitter.
  4. Set ornament on mat to dry.
  5. Once dry, you can string it up.  You may want to use a needle to help with this step.

To dress it up, I pulled out my scrapbooking supplies.

Years ago I purchased this spiral stamp (this stamp is actually designed for making flowers – however you could easily achieve the same look by drawing out your own or free-handing it).  I stamped the image onto an old dictionary page.  I then cut it out, cutting along the black lines into a spiral shape.  I then used a quilling tool to form a rose.  You start at the outermost point, and roll it in to form a tight rose.  After you finish rolling up the rose, you pull it off the quilling tool and try to shape it a bit.  Once you get a look you like, apply a dab of glue to hold it in place.  Here are my 3 finished roses:

Notice that some I left one in a tighter spiral and the other 2 are a little looser.  You can have them as tight or loose as you want them.  BTW…this is what I mostly meant by shaping.

I punched a “seal” shape out of black glitter paper with a Martha Stewart punch.  I also punched a flower out of the dictionary page using a Stampin Up punch.  For the flower, I wadded it up, smoothed it out, then rubbed a little black ink over the top to emphasize the wrinkles. I then glued the black seal onto the paper flower.


The last steps are to glue the flowers onto the black seal, and glue the whole thing onto the cross.  And wait for it to dry.

Here is the final product:

It’s a beautiful, easy ornament to make.  And a perfect gift for your religious friends…at least I think so.  And something else cool, over time the silver glitter will begin to tarnish.

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