Unique Basement Lighting

Last winter we decided our finished basement needed a bit of an update.  Ok it was a hot mess and we weren’t spending much time down there because it was just plain gross.

The basement had suspended ceilings.  My husband wanted to remove the suspended ceiling and replace it with sheet rock.  I, however, wanted to paint the ceiling black for a more industrial feel.  After much persuasion, my husband relented and we painted the ceiling black (he knew if he didn’t like it, he would still be able to sheet rock it anyhow).

It was a huge process.  Once the old ceiling and lighting was removed, he had to re-wire a lot of the electrical to hide all the cords in the rafters and make room for new lighting.

Because of the dark ceiling we decided we needed a lot of lighting.  We actually have a row of windows along the back of this room to provide light during the daytime, however, the nights get dark.  So we planned for 2 track light systems and 12 pendant lights.

I purchased the halogen track lights for a great price at Costco.  But when it came time to find pendant lighting I was stumped.  I really didn’t see what I was looking for, and things that I liked were all over $30.  You do the math….$30 x 12 lights = $360.  Yikes!!!

One weekend we hit the local Home Depot (again) only to walk away empty handed.  On the way to leave, we ran across these:

We found these work lights with clamps and decided to give them a shot.  And at less than $7.00 each…we HAD to try them.

First we removed the clamps.

Then we had to decide how low we wanted them to hang.  Once we determined what length we needed the cord, we cut the plug end off.  My husband then wired them directly into the electrical boxes he previously installed.  And whalla….it worked!

Ok looking back at these pictures I guess we should have removed all the stickers before hanging.  And perhaps they are just a teensy weensy dusty.  But I live on gravel so I don’t sweat the dust.  You don’t really notice all those imperfections when you are actually in the room looking up.

So we got the look I was looking for for about $85….much cheaper than $360.  And really I didn’t find a light I liked for $30, and this is exactly what I was after.  So it was a win-win all around.

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One Response to Unique Basement Lighting

  1. Vanessa says:

    Love the lights. Can you tell me anything about how you painted the ceiling and how long it took?

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