Bird Cage?

This weeks theme link-up at Funky Junk is ‘What is it?’ junk

So here is my entry….except I think I will stop short of classifying it as junk.  There’s nothing junky about it.

I purchased this piece at an estate sale a couple of weeks ago for $.50.  What a bargain.  I suspected I knew what the original use for it was, but I also immediately began visioning what it would become.

First up….heading to the drawer pull collection.

I love this drawer.  Most of these were purchased at a sale years ago for $2.00.  I’ve gradually added and subtracted pulls and knobs over the year.  I love that there is so much to choose from!

So now lets see if we can make a good match.

This one is not right….I can’t put my finger on a reason.  It just doesn’t work for me.

This one is too tall and skinny.

This one makes me think of a clown costume.

Too blurry.  Ok not a good reason.  It looks like the knob sticking out of Frankenstein’s neck.


Bingo!  I think I like this one.  Let me take it where the lighting is better.

Yep….this is the one.

Now to find it a new home.  Initially I planned to put it out in my garden, but I decided to jazz up my fake grass display instead.

So my piece of “junk” is now a bird cage.  But what was it originally for?  I think it was part of the cage for a shop light (like a mechanic would use).  What do you think it is?

Linking up to Funky Junk’s Saturday Nite Special.

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7 Responses to Bird Cage?

  1. Soooo love this! You’re post is pretty funny too! I like how you took us through the knob selection process. LOL

    Shared this on FJI Facebook for SNS 86. 🙂


  2. noniemae says:

    this is really cute! Love it!

  3. Kim Dillon says:

    Did you find the real use for this?

  4. sue fromm says:

    I think it may be a gutter downspout screen. Leaves collect at the top of the spout so they don’t clog it.

  5. Bev says:

    Actually, I think it was used as a kind of gutter trap for a flat roof. My parents have a flat roof over their side porch, and there’s a drainage hole at the corner with something that looks like that to stop the leaves from clogging the downspout. That’s my guess!

  6. Michelle says:

    Cute! Love the fake grass…where’d you find that? Love your drawer of knobs…fun!
    Hugs from Iowa,
    Michelle at Pine Needle Hill

  7. Lucy says:

    love it and wish I could find one of those!!

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