I got a new mirror..I mean old mirror

I LOVE old mirrors.  I have several in my home.

Over Easter weekend, I picked up a new/old mirror at my favorite junk store.  Here is the picture before I cleaned it up.

Aren’t my rain boots cute?  I got them online at Little Miss Mismatched.

Back to the mirror, I picked this baby up for a whopping $2.50.

It had a lot of cracking in the veneer.  In fact many parts of the veneer on the edges had completely peeled off.

I decided that I would just completely remove all the veneer on the edges, because I liked the contrast in the color.

Some peeled right off, and some required a chisel and a hammer.

Once I got all the veneer off, I sanded the parts where I removed the veneer…just a bit.

It didn’t have the wire for the hanger so I flipped it over to add the wire.  Part of the brittle wood backing fell off exposing this piece of newspaper.

Looks like you could buy a whole suit for a whopping $8.88.  I also found out you could buy a large trunk (with brass bumpers, leather straps, a tray and cloth lined) for $7.65.  You could finance a refrigerator for $.50/week for a total of $8.50.  You could buy a complete bedroom set (bed, bed spring, dresser, mattress, rocker, chiffonier, center table and 2 chairs) for$69.75.  It says it’s the “most wonderful bargain ever offered” and there is no expiration date.  So what do you think my chances of getting it are?

I finally found that the newspaper was the Post Dispatch in St. Louis.  I found many dates, but NOTHING with the year (I only have 2 half pages).  One article mentioned “Die Raeuber”.  So I googled that and found out it was an opera that first opened in 1957, so this mirror must date back somewhere after that.

Here is the final product hanging on the wall.  Allie is waving “hi”.

As you can tell there is a lot of distortion in this mirror.  And it is much lighter than my other mirrors (many of which are very very heavy).  Initially I didn’t even know if it was made of glass, but after removing the backing, I found that it was.

I love how it looks, but won’t plan on doing any last minute primping using this mirror as I walk out the door.

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One Response to I got a new mirror..I mean old mirror

  1. Candace says:

    i LOVE that frame! awesome find!

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