Framed Bathroom Art

Just a quick post for Funky Junks Saturday Nite Special featuring traditional picture frames used creatively.

I know this isn’t a traditional picture frame.  Rather it is a non-traditional item used to frame art.  Close enough…I hope.

I put this up in my bathroom more than 10 years ago.  My neighbor gave me this old barn window thinking that I could come up with a good use for it.

I found these plaques at Kohls (again over 10 years ago) that perfectly matched my new bathroom shower curtain and I was fairly certain they would fit perfectly inside the window frame.  I was so pleased with the fit.  I gave the window a white wash treatment, installed a chain for a hanger and used an old furniture knob to hang it from the wall.

10 years later, and I’m still getting compliments on this from people who have never been to my house.

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2 Responses to Framed Bathroom Art

  1. Oh very nice! I like how you did that – too cool!

  2. junkinjane says:

    great use for tha window frame, perfect!

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