Man Cave table and chairs

Today I finished a table and chairs that I absolutely had to have done by the 19th…April 19th.  Didn’t make it.  But things rarely go as planned.

This is what the table started out like.

And here were the chairs:

I purchased this table and chairs for $25 at my favorite junk store about a year ago.  It was made by the Hoosier company and I think it’s called a pop-up leaf table (something like that anyway).  The whole thing was in pretty bad shape, the table and all 3 chairs was very wobbly and would require quite a bit of work.  I decided to strip it.

But after discovering the layers and layers and layers of paint stacked on top one another, I decided to just strip the top layer of the table and portions of the chairs.

There were several variations of white, a yellow and a turquoise layer.  I wish I could have stripped it all back to the turquoise layer, just to see what it would look like.

I would have preferred to stain the whole top, but it was just too much work to try to get the paint out of all the cracks.

As I mentioned the chairs were VERY wobbly.  Nothing that a whole lot of clamps and some gorilla glue wouldn’t take care of.  That was the first time I used gorilla glue.  Boy was I in for a shock when I saw what happened.

Since just about every joint on this chair was loose, we put the gorilla glue everywhere.  And as a result I had a couple of hours chisseling and sanding to clean the chairs up.  We actually read the directions on the glue bottle, and it says to lightly spray water on the surfaces you are are going to glue.  Then you apply the glue, it works it’s way in the cracks, then expands to make a tight joint.  Heck I just thought this was normal glue and I never would have read the directions.  And normally my husband probably wouldn’t have either, but I’m sure glad he did this time.  It was quite a process, but those chairs are solid as a rock now.

To add a little interest to the chairs (and to hide the fact that I couldn’t get all the paint out of the grooves), I decided to paint the detail on the chair back with black paint.

And even this part was harder than I thought.  Then I painted the rest of the table and chairs.  I had to sand again to clean up my detail work (sanded chair on the left, unsanded chair on the right)

Finally I was ready to stain.  Well I didn’t have much stain on hand.  And the table top really soaked in the stain, it was barely noticeable so I decided to just apply a coat of dark wood wax (Briwax).

I’m glad I decided to paint the details on the chair backs black.  I think it looks really really nice.

So here is the finished product, sitting in her new home in our recently renovated man cave.  I decided to put a table and chairs down here so that we can eat or play games in the basement.

I cleaned up a new/old tool box to put on top of the table to hold napkins, salt/pepper, silverware, candles, etc.  But I ended up liking it so much that I decided to put it in my dining room.  So for the time being (I can’t photograph a naked table) I put these items on top.

Looking back, I wish I had a lighter color of wax.  But who cares, this table that I have been working on for about 3 weeks is finally done!!!!

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