Chest/Buffet Redo

I got this chest FREE several years ago.  It was the best JUNKIN’ trip ever!  Have you ever been Junkin’?  Do you know what Junkin is?  Junkin is when you “shop” neighborhoods the day before Bulky Trash Pick-Up Day.  You can often find out about when Bulkly Trash Pick-up days are on freecycle sites or other similar sites.  My friend Marcy and I did this several times one summer and this was my best score.

This picture was taken without many modifications made.  The people who threw it out must have done so because of a broken drawer.  But they bundled the drawer pieces up and carefully stacked them on top of the dresser for some lucky person (insert ME) to come along.  However, I didn’t need the drawer pieces because that trip I was actually on the hunt for something EXACTLY like this.  I wanted to remove a drawer and install a shelf to display my Polish  pottery.  So the only thing I did to it for years was fabricate and paint the open area at the bottom.

2 weeks ago I decided a mini dining room renovation was in order.  Projects to include painting, new curtains, re-doing this chest and installing a new door.  I wanted to leave the top bare wood so I stripped it.  The whole thing.  It was a bit of a task but honestly not as bad as expected…but the sanding was quite a task.

I was able to get it a lot “cleaner” than I thought I would.  I wasn’t really expecting to get all the paint off except for the top because I knew I would be painting the rest.

I initially painted the piece white and put a light stain on the top.

But this didn’t do anything for me.  So I tried glazing it.

And I HATED it!  So then I sanded and sanded and sanded on it, and applied a dark paste wax.  And here it is now:

And a couple of close ups:

I applied the dark furniture paste to the top as well.  It’s such a rich color now.  And it really brings out all the details in the piece.

You can see in the picture on the left that I didn’t apply the dark wax inside the bottom open shelf.  Oops.  Oh well, I think I’m done with this piece for a while now.

Here is a sneak peek at another project I’m finishing up…and it’s a BIG one.

I’m SO SO SO excited about this project, not only because it’s gonna look fabulous, but I saved over $350 (I only spent around $50).  I will hopefully finish this project this weekend and get it posted next week.

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2 Responses to Chest/Buffet Redo

  1. kim says:

    Awesome find! Very cool finish!

  2. Lucy says:

    Oh dear, chain link curtains and now this gorgeous curb shopped dresser? we may be sisters from other mothers…I love this too! You’ve sucked me in…I’m following 🙂

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