I got all  this for $22.03 last weekend!

There is a store called the Boston Peddler in my husband’s home town.  Every time we visit, I make a point to visit this store.  It’s the biggest collection of junk that I have ever seen.

I should have snapped a picture so you could get a feel for this place.  The main source of “merchandise” is kept in what I believe an old garage (mechanic’s shop).  I say that because you enter the store through a garage door.  The windows are busted out, and there is no lighting to speak of.  And you have to literally DIG to see all the treasures.  There are paths around this space, but chances are if you see something, you are going to have to dig it out.

I never go here with good clothes on.  I never even take a purse in.  There just isn’t room to maneuver.  Unfortunately for me, I always seem to be visiting when it is real cold or real hot outside.  So I have NEVER even scraped the surface.  Some day I’ll be in town when it’s nice outside and I will finally get the opportunity dig.  I think I find most of  my loot in this space.  I always like visit this space first.

Then when you are done there you can walk across the street and enter the next series of shops.  These are much smaller, but equally packed.  But these shops at least are temperature controlled.

But it gets even better.  The prices are rock bottom.  I didn’t get this last weekend, but check out what I picked up on one of my visits for $2.00….and that included the hanger!

And my mother bought me this table.  I think she paid $18.00 for it.

So here is what I got and how much I paid (the lady always writes out what you get and how much each item is):

Chicken Feeder – $2.50, Coke Crate – $3.50, Silver Sugar & Creamer – $2.00, Green & White Tablecloth – $2.00, 2 Black Metal Shelfs – $2.00, Grain Sack Material – $1.00, Stack of Sheet Music – $2.00, Wood Tray w/Serving Pieces – $1.00, 3 Rulers (2 old) – $1.00, Loaf Pan – $1.50, and finally the Green Wood Box $2.00.  For a sub-total of $20.50, and $22.03 with tax.

What a bargin!!!!!

Here’s a couple of pictures of what I did with some of the treasures I purchased last weekend:


If you like the grass, head over to Michaels and get it while it’s on sale.  I paid $2.99 for each bunch.  The chicken feeder held 6 bunches and the loaf pan holds 2 bunches.

Thanks for stopping by!

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