Chain Link Fence Curtains

Excuse the pile of firewood and the project in the making on the right…but aren’t these curtains the bomb?  I ran across this idea from Beach Brights and knew I had to make it.  Thanks to the instructions on the blog and some e-mailed advise I nailed this project.

The curtains themselves are drop cloths.  I followed Mrs. Mustard Seed’s advice for bleaching and painting the drop cloths.  After bleaching and before painting, I ironed and hemmed the curtains with my sewing machine (the extra weight at the bottom helps them to hang better).  A helpful piece of advice….even if you buy a two-pack of drop cloths that are supposed to be the same size, they may not be.  More on that later.

To get even widths of lines to tape off, I used shelving brackets (because they were long and handy) and taped around them.

I added a little textile medium to the paint so it wouldn’t be so stiff when it dried.  Take Mrs. Mustard Seed’s advice and don’t worry about trying to make the paint perfect.  I made the wider line bolder and the thinner line was just a touch of paint.

Check your perfection at the door.  Notice that I even went outside the lines above the top strip.  No biggie – you won’t even be able to tell when hanging up.

To save time, I got my husband and dad to help.  They measured off the holes and inserted the grommets for the top of the curtains.  They devised their own little system to work as this task would have been easier to do on a concrete floor rather than a carpeted surface.

Watch out dad!!!

After the lovely (just kidding here) gold grommets were in place, I set to work on attaching the curtains to the hangers.  I wasn’t sure how easily the hangers would slide on the fence post so I waxed each hanger and the post to make a slicker surface.  Seemed to work.

Maybe totally unnecessary.  Who knows?  Rubbing waxed paper on the surface probably would work too.

Now they are ready to hang.

Here are a couple of close-ups:

The left-hand side of the curtains extend beyond the door so that when the curtains are open they aren’t blocking any of the door.

And remember the statement about drop cloths not necessarily being the same size.  Well here is the proof.

The right side was a bit too long.  The hems are the same, but the drop cloths weren’t.  I’m just thankful that I measured the stripes from the top of the curtains.  Otherwise, the stripes would not have lined up when the curtains were closed.  And if you think I did that on purpose, you’re wrong.  I just got lucky that way 😉

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5 Responses to Chain Link Fence Curtains

  1. Beachbrights says:

    I am so proud of you!!! Love them…you did good, girl 🙂


  2. Looking good…great idea! Thanks so much for coming by:)


  3. antiquechase says:

    AMAZING!!! I love them

  4. Lucy says:

    I am so bookmarking this idea…I love it…so industrial chic!

  5. Great work …amazing ..keep it up!

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