New Desk for a New Space

For our newly remodeled basement, I decided to get rid of my old desk and replace it with something new…well old…but repurposed.  Here is the desk we started with:

I had my husband build this monster of a desk for me a few years ago.  Boy did it hold a lot on top…and a lot was hidden underneath.  It served its purpose well, but went to a new home (posted for free on Craigslist).

I assured my husband that we could build a new desk for virtually nothing.  There were doors at my parent’s house.  My dad was nice enough to deliver them and help me get started stripping them.

It was cold.  We had 3 heaters going just to take the freeze off.  And it didn’t help that we had to keep the garage door up a couple of inches to allow ventilation.

Once the doors were stripped, cut down to size and painted they were ready to install.  One end is supported by a file cabinet.  Years ago I purchased 5 matching table legs.  Finally…I had a use for them.  They acted as support for the rest of the desk.

The legs were brown to begin with.  That didn’t really match everything else, so I dry-brushed the color we used on our wall onto them.  I like how it brought out the details, but it just wasn’t right.  So I then dry-brushed black over them.  I think the black legs are the best look.

Remember I said this desk would cost virtually nothing?  I figured I didn’t have to spend any money for the doors or the legs.  The only thing I had to purchase was glass…and how much could that cost.  Well the glass ended up costing me about $270 ($50 for delivery).  I guess because it is 1/4″ thick, the edges are smoothed out so there are no rough edges and because they are such big pieces of glass.  I also spent about $50 to get a hole put into one of the pieces of glass so I could run cords down through it.

A tip if you decide to do something similar, tell the glass shop where you want the hole, but do NOT cut the hole through the door (desk) until you get the glass on top and get it marked.  It would be a huge bummer if the 2 holes didn’t line up.

I have lots of cords so I ran them under a little step stool I have to help hide them, and then placed a box of kleenex to finish blocking the view.

To dress the desk up, I put pictures and other memorbilia and antiques under the glass.

The picture closest to my mouse is probably the last good picture taken of my mom.  She passed away less then 2 weeks after it was taken.

The left picture has some cool things in it.  I’ve had the little vintage license plate keychains for years.  In the last couple of years I got these cool little scissors (they actually work) and this mini pocket knife.  I love these little things.

The right picture has some old finds as well.  I love that I thought to put a ruler under the glass.  Now I don’t have to search around to find a ruler….it’s always going to be in the same spot.  This would have been an awesome thing to have back when I was teaching scrapbooking classes.

A while back ago, I was lucky enough to score a vintage wire dish drainer off of Ebay.  It’s quite the useful desk accessory.

Here is the finished product:

Boy…what a difference from the before picture.

Oh and one final thing, I saw a similar desk last weekend that looked super.  Rather than putting a large sheet of glass over the entire desk, they only put it in the recessed areas on the door.  I LOVED that.  I may have to someday incorporate that idea into a side table or something.

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Miss Mustard Seed

Funky Junk

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5 Responses to New Desk for a New Space

  1. Pamela Manes says:

    This looks fantastic. Beautiful and sleek and great little cubby holes to show off your beloved things.

    I am so on the verge of doing a large type L table out of doors.
    Just waiting for the warm up. Wow, you were ready to rock it to embark in the cold weather!

    Great job.

  2. Mel's Cabin says:

    I’ve been thinking about doing the same project as Ms Funky Junk’s desk, but was having a hard time finding saw horses for the legs….your solution is great idea! I have very old doors from my cabin and I’m ready to go to work now on this project. Thanks, Mel’s Cabin

  3. Tasha says:

    Looks great, I love it!!! I have a few old doors and I think I have to try it! I might just do the glass in the recessed areas too because I am all about the cheap! Thanks so much for sharing!
    knuckle bump!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. I love this. Thank you so much for sharing! I would be honored if you would link up your super cute blog over on my blog stalkin’ page.

  5. Rati Murty says:

    It’s great to see this blog is finally getting the attention that it really deserves Keep up the terrific work.

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