Now It’s Funky Junk’s turn!

As mentioned in my earlier post, I am participating in Miss Mustard Seed’s and Funky Junk’s “Copy Me” Challenge.

I’ve already posted my Miss Funky Seed TV Console on Miss Mustard Seed’s blog…now is here is my take on some  funky junk.

I picked this cargo crate up back in December.

I knew immediately when I saw it that it was destined to be my new coffee table.  It was perfect….the only thing it needed was a thorough cleaning and some casters.

My husband wasn’t so sure at first.

In fact I’m sure I saw an eye-roll when I told him this was going into his new man cave.

But once I started explaining it…he started coming around.  Don’t you just love the patina on this baby?  And check out this partial TWA tag left behind.  This has been all the way to Paris, France.  My husband thought it was cool, so he said we could keep it.  It won’t last forever, but we’ll enjoy it while we can.

This table is a perfect fit for our furniture.  It’s a great size, and the perfect height to put our feet up on.  It rolls around when we want it moved, and check out all the games and blankets we can store in there.

And check out the cool display I have on the top.

You want to see it a little closer?

I have lots of cool junk here.  I have an old burlap sack, a wooden box, old croquet balls, an old black hinge, a rusty brush of some sort, a vintage post card, a rusty bed spring, some old bobbins, an old cross stitch hoop (?), a picture of my mom, me and my siblings,  an old lantern, and finally one of Donna’s signature whirly twig thing-a-majob.

Donna, I hope you can find something that inspires you, since you have inspired me sooooo many times!

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One Response to Now It’s Funky Junk’s turn!

  1. antiquechase says:

    I have to stop myself from putting casters on EVERYTHING… I love it

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