My Miss Funky Seed TV Console

Well I took a bit of a blog vacation…about 1.5 years to be exact.  Too bad real vacations don’t last that long.  Anyhow, it’s been a New Years resolution to get back into blogging and yay me….it only took me to February to make my first post.

I am linking this post to the Funky Junk and Miss Mustard Seed Copy Me challenge.  I love both of these blogs and I am a daily reader.  They both provide so much inspiration to me.  The Copy Me challenge began when both ladies received 4000 followers.  They both have their own distinct style….and I love them both.  Both love old things…only Donna with Funky Junk has more of a rustic style and Marion of Miss Mustard Seed has more of an upscale vintage style.

I wanted to participate in this challenge so say hello to my new media cabinet.

Both Miss Mustard Seed and Funky Junk really were the inspiration for this piece of furniture, however, I had to choose was this piece more like Donna’s salvaged junk style, or more like Marian’s upscale vintage style.

After the fact, I decided this was more Marian’s style.   I know Miss Mustard Seed doesn’t paint much furniture black….we’ll have to look past that.

I had been searching for a piece to use as a media console for several weeks.  I found something I absolutely loved, but as much as I loved it, my husband equally hated it.  So I had to move on.  Finally I found this piece and it fit the bill.  Here is the before picture as it appeared on Craig’s List.

This project didn’t go so smoothly.  I sanded it down, good I thought.  I put 2 coats of paint on it and went to distress it.  Then I realized I didn’t get it sanded down good enough.  So off to strip it all off and start over.  I had to consult Miss Mustard Seed’s directions on stripping, painting and sealing furniture…because I didn’t want to mess it up again.

Bad things sometimes happen for a reason right?  I decided to leave the top a natural wood (just like Miss Mustard Seed).  If it wasn’t for my previous painting/distressing failure, the top would be black…and this piece wouldn’t be nearly as cool as it is now.  I decided to add a little graffiti to the top.  I had to consult Funky Junk for directions on this step.

We had to make a few modifications to the cabinet.  On drawer needed to be turned into a door to accommodate our stereo.  We had to remove part of the backing on the upper right so the door would shut with our speaker in it.

But I’m super excited about the finished product.  Here is a close-up of some of the distressing, new hardware and the top (my favorite part).

Thanks for looking at my first post in eons.  And thank you Marian and Donna for the challenge!!!

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