Quick 2 month recap…

Anybody ever visit this blog?  I so love the look of this blog.  Love the photos, the recipes and the oh-so-cute way Brooke doctors up her photos.  Anyhow, I found this blog last week and was sucked in.  She had so many cute and fun things that I plan to make.  I had a couple of questions for Brooke so I e-mailed her a quick question.  What I got back was a nice (long) e-mail.  I was so impressed that she took so much time to write back to me that I made one of her recipes and decided to give her a taste of her own medicine and doctor up one of my photos just like hers.  I chose to make this chocolate chip cookie recipe.  I know, the photo isn’t nearly as cute as Brooke’s, but it was a decent first shot.

Chocolate Chip Cookies copy

Look what I got for Mother’s Day….


Every other month I bake and deliver cookies to a church family who bought a year’s worth of home baked cookies for a year.  May was my month.  I made brownies on a stick, with a little chocolate coating and some sprinkles.  I purchased this star dish, inserted some styrofoam in the bottom, and stuck the brownies in there.  I think it came out real cute.


Remember last November we went to a birthday party where we decorated a gingerbread house.  Well I’ve been hesitant to get rid of it, however, we decided today that it was time to go.

So here is the before shot…


Here is the during shot….


And here is the after shot….


I picked up what I could.  The dog is out working to pick up the rest.

Well its been a super busy weekend of cooking, cleaning and entertaining.  Off to practice a little bit of soccer with Allie.  Have a great week!

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