We were supposed to have our final Post Easter Egg Hunt over the weekend.  But Mother Nature didn’t cooperate so we are postponing it until next weekend.  The only problem with that is….


my bags are all packed for Scrap St. Louis.  I’m leaving Thursday morning and getting back home in the wee hours on Sunday morning.  If I come home to a clean house, there will be no problems.  I’m sure I have the weather to fear way more than the state of my home.  Clay and Allie take good care of the house when I’m away.

I was going to give my nephew his birthday present at our canceled hunt last Saturday.


I was in a big hurry when I made this.  Good thing I had the “Happy Birthday” all ready stamped out.  Just had to color it, make it into a tag, and attach it to a bag.  Really, I should have done more but I had an egg hunt to get ready for.

I also cranked out a couple of cards yesterday (one birthday and one sympathy).  I love just making the same card and changing out the sentiment when I’m under a time constraint.


I just love my Pazzles Inspiration.  I cut out a whole bunch of scalloped circles and chopped them in half for quick cards (an idea I lifted from a friend in Bunco).  I think I’ve got about 10 more of these just waiting to be used up.  I’ll probably make up a card packet to share with my friends when we head to the lake in 2 weeks for girl’s weekend.  Yes…you have that right….I have 2 girls weekends in a row.  Didn’t plan it that way.  But that’s how it happened.  I don’t think it upsets Clay and Allie though, who get all excited when I leave so they can have “Clay and Allie’s weekend of fun!”.  And yes, they really did assign this name.

I hear my exercise video calling.  Time to go!  Have a great week!

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