Happy 70th Birthday Mom!!!!

Today is my mom’s 70th birthday.  And according to her, yesterday was the first party she has ever had thrown for her.  Wow!


To celebrate her birthday, we had a “surprise” tea party.  We had it at Good JuJu in downtown KC, MO.  Good JuJu is like a flea market but it’s just open 1 weekend a month.  Lots of good stuff can be found there.

Now back to the party.  This sign was inside the door.  I’d love to have one of these at home.


Anyhow, hanging from this sign were the party favors.  Going with the vintage and tea party theme, my sister Michele made this cute cones from vintage wallpaper.  She dressed them up with old jewelry and some bling.  Inside the cones were vintage hankies, a tea bag, a demitasse spoon, crystalized sugar on a stick, a cinnamon stick, a honey straw and a tiny cookie of some sort.  They came out awesomely.


When people arrived they were invited to design a party hat.  There were 2 styles of hats available and some basic scrapbook supplies.  This was a fun an popular activity, especially by the kids (who made numerous hats in an effort to win the hat decorating contest).  This hat was the big winner:


Yes, that balloon is coming out of the top of this hat.  There are flowers dangling from strings off the back of the hat.  It was just gorgeous.  There was more decoration on the front that isn’t pictured here.  Here is my entry.  Not my best work, but then I didn’t have a lot of time because I was busy helping to throw a birthday party.


My nephew Zach was another winner.  I love how he truly altered the shaped of the hat.  Not much embellishment on this one, but it definately got the clever vote!


My sis-in-law Lisa is a Minnie Pearl wannabe.  Only we told her that her price of $25 was too high so she had to mark herself down.


We had 4 winners who each got a Mary Engelbreight mug with papercrafted flowers in them.  Lisa (the chick above on clearance) made them.  Very cute.

Here is the view of our spread.  Tea party food galore (which didn’t do much to satisfy the men who were all looking for some meat).  We used mostly old serving pieces.  The food table looked really good, and tasted good too for that matter.


The good thing about holding a party in a flea market, if we needed and item, we just shopped through the booths until we found what we needed.  We got some serving ware, some ice buckets, all the tables and chairs.  (And in case you are wondering, my mom and sister have a booth at this flea market, the owner of Good JuJu and many of the booth owners were there.)

Here is Allie at the party.  She didn’t do much with her hat, but she did decorate a hat for her granny (the birthday girl) and that hat won a prize.  Hmmmm, she must have done some shopping of her own, because she didn’t leave the house with that string of pearls on.  Yikes, I hope she put them back!


Well, Happy Birthday Mom!  I hope you enjoyed your party!

Love, Lisa

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3 Responses to Happy 70th Birthday Mom!!!!

  1. Mom says:

    Thanks soo much for the great party!!! You girls did a fantastic job as usual. Good JuJu was a great place for the party.

  2. Tracyl says:

    It looks like a fun time!

  3. eman says:

    Hi! I really like your blog, its cool. I like all of the stuff youv’e done, so wonderful. I especially like the box you decorated, the one with ” home is where ‘heart’ is ” its the coolest thing. I was wondering if you could tell me how and what you used to do it, I found a plain old wooden box and I thought of doing it. But I don’t know what you used or how you did it. Please help. And thanks for the awesome blog.

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