Taxes, bills, laundry and cardmaking…

That’s what I did today.   Take a stab at my favorite.  Of course it took me hours to get these cards made because I would work on them a bit, then go in the other room to watch some tv.

This first card is for a friend who lost a family member last week:


hmmmm….looking at this picture it looks a little wonky.  Oh well, she’ll appreciate the sentiment.

The next cards are for my niece’s birthday tomorrow.  Allie made this first one for Kaity:


And here is my card contribution:


Finally, while looking through a flea market in my husband’s home town, I found a box of old bell ornaments.  Of course I didn’t need them, but I had to have them.  While pondering a way to display them, I decided I would like to have some sort of a tree.  I painted an egg holder silver and whalla, I had a tree.  I painted some cheap pearl trim with silver spray paint to act as garland.  Next year I want to get some ball chain.   Anyhow, I love how it looked.


And that shelf this tree is sitting on?  Well my husband brought it home for me.  He knew somebody who was throwing it away and thought I might like it.  Which he was right!  But still to this day I’m purplexed.  This is the same man who told me not to bring anything else into this house.  Perhaps he’s just rewarding me for cutting back on my garage sale and junkin trips 🙂

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2 Responses to Taxes, bills, laundry and cardmaking…

  1. that is a great piece that clay brought home!!!

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