It’s been a while

since I posted last.  Perhaps it’s been because I’ve been busy.  But really that’s not it.  Maybe its because I’ve crafted like 3 things since September.  Anyhow, my mom asked me if I was blogging any more, so I’m mustering up a post.

We’ll go in chronological order here.

In November we went to Waynoka to go 4-wheeling.  We haven’t been for 2 years and had a great time.  And nobody got hurt….a double bonus!


A couple of girls from the JustNeedIt board signed up for this free journaling based class from Jessica Sprague.  I did good for the first 3 days (out of 2 weeks) where we had to assemble our album.  I mostly followed Jessica’s directions but mixed it up a bit.  Anyhow, I think my album came out real cute.  I decided to start the other 11 days of assignments starting with the new year, which means now…eeekkkk!


One of Allie’s classmates had a birthday party where the girls decorated gingerbread houses.  It was seriously like one of the best parties ever.  A mother/daughter party and we stayed the whole day!  Take a look at Allie’s house:


These were big houses.  I want to start making this a tradition.  I took the mother a little hostess gift.  This is a wooden box that I decorated and filled with pumpkin cookies.


Allie got her braces off in December.  Here she is just after they were removed:

braces-off Before taking her back to school, we stopped at the drug store so she could get sour gummy worms.  braces-candy

I had such a good time at the gingerbread house party, I decided to host a mother/daughter craft day.  Here are a couple of the crafts we made:


We had a great Christmas.   And now heading into the new year.  On New Years Eve the 3 of us celebrated with a yummy seafood dinner.  We had king crab legs, scallops, shrimp, fresh green beans (well that’s how they were sold by they aren’t that great) and the Pioneer Women’s Crash Hot Potatoes (I could seriously eat these potatoes 365 days a year and they are soooo easy).


My dad is a New Years baby so we had the family over on the 1st to celebrate his birthday.  I made a whole lot of spaghetti with meatballs and italian sausage.  But get this, I made the sauce from scratch.  I’m gonna have to do that again sometime because it really was easy, and very good!


So as of today I have 3 days left off work.  I’ve got a clean (clean enough) house, laundry done, enough food in the fridge to last the weekend and only about an hours left of Christmas teardown.  What on earth am I going to do with my free time?  Hopefully get motivated to do some sort of crafting.  But if not, well I guess I’ll get some needed R & R.

Have a wonderful new year everyone!

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One Response to It’s been a while

  1. Mom says:

    I’m glad you started posting on your blog again. It helps me keep up with some of the things you are doing.

    The Mother Daughter party was great and so was the homemade spaghetti sauce!

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