Still Diggin

these Bento box lunches.  I’m not making them for me, but I am for Allie.  And it almost makes me happy to be making a lunch.  And as cute as they are, they aren’t any more work.  Except the fact that I handwash everything instead of putting in dishwasher.  Here is today’s lunch:

Leftover sandwich from Goodcents, grapes, chips and marshamallows.  There was supposed to be a peanut butter cookie instead of the marshmallows but apparently somebody broke into our house yesteday and that was the only thing taken.  I really don’t think Clay or Allie at it.  I just don’t know where I put the darn thing.  Yesterday she had chicken salad, crackers, grapes and a cookie.  The lunch looked cute but I didn’t get a photo snapped before I sent it off.  I’m not real great with creating different lunches.  I just use what’s on hand, which many weeks she will have the same thing every day.  Those silicone liners make a big difference when making these lunches.  I’m so glad to have round and square ones.  The pringles barely fit in the square ones, but they never would have fit in the round ones.

So since it’s mid-September, it’s time for birthday party plans to swing into full motion.  Whose birthday?  Allie turns 10 this month.  Her chosen theme this year…a spy party.  She chose the theme but wants me to plan the party without telling her all the fun stuff that I have planned.  I was so surprised this year, she is only inviting 5 girls.  In years past we had to widdle it down to like 12.

So here’s the rough plan.  The girls are to arrive in a disguise.  When they get there, I will photograph and fingerprint them and we will make passports.  After everyone is done, we will head outside for some physical training.  Like maybe an obstacle course.  We might do a few memory games.  Then we will open presents.  But oh no….somebody has taken the presents!  But there is a clue.  The first clue will have them boarding a plan (not really) to Italy where they will eat pizza and find another clue.  Not sure what countries the other clues will lead to (please I welcome help here need more food choices).  The last clue will be to go to China where they will find their final clue in a fortune cookie (anybody know how to make those?).

The final clue will tell them where the presents are hidden.  But it’s not quite that simple.  The girls will have to go through a red string maze (to be like laser beams – remember the movie Entrapment with Katherine Zeta Jones and Sean Connery) to get the presents.  After Allie opens presents we will have cake and ice cream.

So I made these invitations over the weekend.  I’m real pleased how these turned out.  And even more exciting is that I put my new Pazzles to good use.  Finally.  I struggled with them, to say the least.  I laughed as I was telling my husband “Remember how I wanted this Pazzles before I made Allie’s Birthday party invitations to speed things up?  Well just so you know, I’ve got at least 2 times the amount of time in them and I still haven’t figured out how to make the darn file folders.”  Luckily for me, I figured it out shortly after that.  Then I was able to make the cute die cuts on the front.

Well, have a happy day.  Till my next post in a couple of weeks 😉

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2 Responses to Still Diggin

  1. I know I know someone that has the recipe for fortune cookies. It could even be me, because I was going to make Kaity some Choc dipped ones for Valentine’s last year. and guess what I never found the time..LOL

  2. Yikes!!! guess I better go look for those stamps!!! Check out my B-day invite for Good JuJu. Allie we have cake!!!

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