I’ve been working on a holiday project

I need to take better pictures of this, but these will do for now.

The box is by EK Success Art Blanche Small Octagon Box. I covered it with paper from Fancy Pants’ Holly Jolly line.

I made a couple more Christmas trees (which I cut in half) that I intended to hang on the side of the box, but I decided that I just need any more going on.

This was one of those projects that I just had to make myself quit on. I just kept thinking of more and more to add to it. So who knows if this is the final product just yet.

And I should post a warning: Please don’t anybody try to make your own tiny garland at home. You will NOT enjoy spending a couple of hours of your life to make a garland chain thats less than a foot long. If you do however attempt such a feat, you will love the result!

The inspiration for the snowman himself came from Linda Albrecht. I wish I had just half of her creative mind.

I wet the paper for the snowman’s scarf, mittens and hat then crumpled it up to give them a softer feel.

I’m in love with this project! I have a lot of hours tied up in it, but enjoyed most of them (the scalloped tree and the garland was a HUGE pain). But now that I look at the pictures I’m thinking that maybe I do need to add something to the sides. Hmmmm…..

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4 Responses to I’ve been working on a holiday project

  1. Sharon says:

    Lisa this is amazing and adorable!!!!!!

  2. Holy WOW!!!! That doesn’t even look like someone “made” it. It looks amazing! How cute.

    Thanks for letting me know about your project and your blog.


  3. Sue Thomas says:

    This is so beautiful!!!!!!

  4. awe…he’s sooo stinkin’ cute!!! hope he don’t melt… it’s sizzlin’ hot out there!!!

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