Page Kits for Captured Memories

This summer I have made a few page kits for Captured Memories instead of teaching.   Disney is hot right now so they asked me to do a Disney page.  This came out in June.  I think it came out very cute!

Then for July I wanted to do a barbeque theme.  I just love this hamburger.  I’m going to make one very similar for myself.

When I called the store and said I made a barbeque page, they asked me if I could do a Disney page too.  I was kinda strapped for time, but was able to get this one done that night.  This really looks cuter and less obnoxious in person.  Some things just don’t photograph too well.  It has the whole ticket theme going on.

Just yesterday I finished one of my favorite projects ever.  When I told that to Allie she said “every project is your favorite”.  Well maybe so, but this is definitely up there with the best of them.  I haven’t taken pictures yet.  It’s a snow scene….but I’m probably gonna display it for a bit just because I love it so darn much.

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