Busy Weekend!

Of course my weekend always starts on Thursday.  Well I mean my time away from work starts on Thursday.  Thursday night Allie and I went to the Theater in the Park production of Beauty and the Beast with some friends.  The weather was perfect and we scored some great seats.

On the 4th, we went over to some friends for a barbeque.  Of course it’s required to bring your four-wheelers to the party.  They were all over the place.  And what fireworks display is complete without blowing up a watermelon…..or 2.

Saturday we went to the lake with friends.  The kids were bored out of their skulls.  And we have proof!

Today I finished up a layout I’ve been working on off and on over these past 4 days.  This layout is for a challenge on the Paper Trunk’s blog (celebrating their first birthday).  You had to stamp on the layout.  This is a “Family Favorite” Album.  I just decided that today.  This is a 12″x6″ Bazzill album.  So a 2 page spread is really 1 sheet of 12″x12″ paper.  It will have some of our favorite things in there.  And our vacation last fall is definitely a family favorite.  I used my Paper Trunk border stamps mostly.  They have the most awesome 12″ border stamps.  I have 2 of the sets but I want the other 2 sets.  I used the dashed stitching set to make the journaling block covering the whole right half of the album.  And look how straight it is.  I devised a plan to evenly space it and it worked!  I was shocked that I stamped that many and got them all to look decent.  Basically the secret is to place a sheet of notebook paper behind the paper and line the stamp up with the notebook paper.

Well today will be a day for laundry, cleaning up around the house, hopefully listing a few items on Craig’s List and maybe a few moments to complete a couple more of the Paper Trunk challenges.

Thanks for stopping by to take a peek!

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