It’s been a while

Let’s start off with a before and after.  This was Allie on Memorial weekend after tubing behind the boat.

This was Allie just 4 days later.  She’s been saving up to donate her hair.  What a relief to get it all cut off!

She looks adorable.  And it’s so darn easy to care for.  And thankfully…she loves it!

Later this week I am going with Brandi to Scrap St. Louis.  I can’t wait!!!  They were having a couple of swaps.  I wasn’t going to participate in them, however I changed my mind (but I won’t mention why I changed my mind BRANDI).  Anyhow, yikes….I had no idea I would spend so much darn time on them.

The first one is a charm swap.  I purchased some jewelry materials at Michaels.  Since light blue is my fav color right now, I went with that color.  I had to use chalk ink to color my prima flowers blue.  I then glued the flowers inside the jewelry findings.  Then after about 2 days of drying, I was able to do the beadwork.  They are supposed to be packaged up in ziploc jewelry bags…but these will have to do because I have hundreds of them.  I made a little tag to hold the envelope closed (we were supposed to include our name and e-mail address inside).

I also signed up for the art journal swap.  We had to complete a front and back of an 8.5 x 11 journal page.  First of all, I had to do some research to see how to make an art journal page.  Here is my first page as they will be passed out.  My sample page actually looks better, but I was trying to improve it for the swap and ended up not liking it quite as well.

This is the second page.  I made a couple of versions of this one, and luckily the final product came out better than the sample pages.

My advice to you if you ever are participating in swaps like these…..start early.  They take FOREVER!!!!!

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One Response to It’s been a while

  1. Tracyl says:

    LisaW-Where have you gone from the Just need it message board? You are missed! Suzelle & I were just talking about you yesterday—is it just all the charm & journal making that’s been keeping you away? Or did our invasion push you out? Come back! :0)

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