I need help!

So I signed up for Scrap St. Louis in June.  They are having a charm swap and an art journal swap.  At first I was just going to participate in the charm swap.  But then Brandi said she thought she would want to do the art journal even though she didn’t know what one was (of course I really don’t know what it is either…but I do know what they look like).  So I visited Donna Downey’s blog because I knew she had some video of her creating some art journal pages.  After watching the video, it made me think…Hey I can do that.  On the other hand, I think Brandi decided not to do it.  I printed off Donna Downey’s supply list (of items she uses when painting).  I purchased everything on clearance, on sale or with coupons at Michaels (of course I’m talking the beginner…cheap supplies).  Perhaps I should have tried creating a project before signing up last week.  So this weekend I decided to practice a bit.  Ok…it was a little fun.  But YUCK!  My first attempt  was horrible.  See for yourself…

Boy this is so not what I had envisioned.  Of course I tried using several different techniques (none of which I’ve mastered) on this one.  You know how things ususally look better in person than when photographed and put online?  Well not with this page….as ugly as it looks it actually looks better here than in person.

Ok….take two!

This one is much better.  Not good…but much better.  I think I need to search for more tutorials on how to make an art journal.  I have just over 1 month to make 2 different journal pages for up to 20 people.  That could be 40 total….yikes!!!!

Ok, how about something a little prettier.  Here are some flowers on my back deck.  I didn’t know they were perrianials when I planted them.  They are so big and full this year.  So pretty.

BTW….I welcome any tips for creating art journal pages that look good.  I’m feeling pretty bad for those people who have to put my pages in their journal.

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One Response to I need help!

  1. u r a retard… these are called phlox and spread like wildfire!!! Unless of course that’s what u want them to do; then they die…

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