It’s NOT supposed to be this way!!!!

This is what’s left after our annual Post Easter Egg Hunt.

We made the decision years ago that the Egg Hunt was better held AFTER Easter for a variety of reasons.  One reason is that we don’t want to have to compete with other hunts going on.  Another big plus is that I can buy all the candy on sale.  But probably the MAIN reason is the weather.  The later it is in spring, generally the warmer it is.  And I want this event to be more than just an egg hunt…we want it to be more like a party.  We provide hot dogs, drinks and tableware and ask everybody coming to bring a dish.  We encourage people to stay a bit so we can socialize and the kids can play.  So why was today a balmy, windy, overcast, 45 degree day in our little neck of the woods.

But we made it through.  The adults hung out on the deck where my husband set up an electric kerosine heater that blows out warm air.  And of course another “hot” spot was the grill, which we left on loooong after the last hot dog was pulled off.

But you know, it didn’t seem to affect the kids.  They were running around so much, some even threw their coats off.  Heck I think we “lost” several families that just didn’t want to brave the weather.  So what does that mean for the kids….MORE EGGS FOR EVERYONE!!!

After the hunt, I make the kids take out all their candy, and return all the eggs to me for next year.  I love this picture because it shows just how creative kids are.  The kids in the clubhouse were emptying their eggs and sending them down the slide to another kid  who would then return them to the basket.

The event is now over.  My basement is not full of eggs waiting to be filled.  And to all those that didn’t brave the weather, I’m sorry to say but…You missed out!  We had a great time!!!

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