Trying something different

You know I really don’t think I have much of a scrappy style. I think I’m all over the place. I experimented with a lot of white space with this layout.


I also finally used my KI Lace paper. Besides having a lot of “white” space I did a couple of other new things on here. I used an 8×10 photograph as background. I cut the title out of part of the picture and scrapped the bottom to look like pattern paper. And don’t you just love the journaling. It took a while to stamp all those little letters, but I love the effect of it. I’ll definitely be doing more of this.

Yesterday I went up to my daughter’s school to have the kids work on a little project. Their teacher is pregnant with her first baby and is due next month. A group of mothers are throwing her a little baby shower (with the class). My contribution is to make up an album. I’m so excited that I came up with the perfect idea….a book of advice from her students (3rd graders). Another mom and I met up at school yesterday and pulled kids out of class to work on it (don’t worry, I prearranged this with the teacher). We took each kids picture standing in front of a baby quilt. I make up a journaling sheet on Photoshop yesterday and printed it out for each student. On there, they wrote their name, they put whether they thought the baby would be a boy or a girl, they told the teacher what they thought she should name the baby, then they offered some advice for the new mom. The answers are too cute! And some of the spelling…well lets just say that it adds to the charm of the present. I need to get cracking on the finished product, and when I do, I’ll post the finished product.

Big day today. Zumba, laundry, cleaning (yuk) and making dinner for my mom who is celebrating her birthday today!

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2 Responses to Trying something different

  1. Loving your layout and what a great idea on the book of advice – she will LOVE it !!!!!


  2. Wendy Reed says:

    Oh I love it!!!! Fantastic! I love the title!


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