HRW Sock Hop 2008

My week last week was consumed with final preparations on for our school’s Sock Hop. It’s an annual event and this year I was crazy enough to head it up. I’ve been actively working on it over the last month (and limited work prior to that) and I’ve worked incredibly hard over the last 3 days. I probably have over 10 hours work on Thursday & Friday. Then yesterday (the day of the event) I was there over 10 hours. The only time I remember sitting down that whole time was when I snuck away for 1 hour to attend mass so that I wouldn’t have to leave the house today.

But the event was fantastic, and well planned if I say so myself. Take a look for yourself:

First this wouldn’t have been possible without our DJ.


This man hosts this event for us every year. He is a member of our church, but he doesn’t have any children who go to our school. Between set up, clean up and the event he was probably there over 8 hours yesterday alone, in addition to the work he did on his own time. His wife was also a big help as well. He donates his time and talent and we couldn’t be any more grateful.

Some of the events were the limbo and the father daughter dance:


We had hula hoop contests..


We had some photo opportunities (a malt shop table and a car)…


We had an American Idol contest…and of course a little YMCA!


We had a professional dance team who after their performance joined the crowd in a few dances. We had a drill team come perform..


New this year was a bubble gum blowing contest. That was real popular with the kids.


Other “Sock Hoppenings” included a Diner (hot dogs, chips and dessert), a popcorn machine, silent auctions, moon walk and a malt shop where we sold Root Beer Floats.

The decorations were awesome. We started out with a bare gym. All tables, chairs and decorations had to be brought in. The kids loved the large balloon columns, the giant balloon sodas made out of trash cans and the disco ball. And those big columns that took 4 people a couple of hours to put up….were all brought down at the end so the kids could pop the balloons…a highlight of the night.


It was wonderful but I’m so thankful it’s over. Today I will lounge and work on taxes…and maybe scrap a little if I am lucky.

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One Response to HRW Sock Hop 2008

  1. jennifer says:

    That look like so much fun. What a great idea. It look like you worked hard on that and everyone had fun. I might have to steal some of those ideas for a Birthday Party.

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