Move Over Old Refrigerater Notes…there’s a new note in town!

This week is Catholic Schools Week. 

Catholic Schools Week is celebrated around the nation, it is a chance to thank and honor all those who contribute to the schools’ success including volunteers, teachers, students, members of the community, and members of parishes.  Catholic Schools Weeks is celebrated every year, during the last week of January.  My daughter attends a Catholic school, and I couldn’t be any happier, and I don’t think she could be either.

So today is parent appreciation day.  As part of Parent appreciation day, parents are invited to have lunch with their kids (of course we can eat with them any day we choose, but today is a true celebration).  Allie couldn’t be any happier that her daddy was able to get off work to go.  It’s really special for her since it is really hard for Clay to break away from his job to attend these events.  So I will stay at work this year, and let Allie spend her lunch with her daddy.

 Yesterday we received a letter in the mail from guess who….Allie.  She wouldn’t let us open it until today, since today is really “the day”.  But before I show you this years’ note, take a peek at some previous notes which we have hanging on our refrigerator (sorry, I really had a hard time getting these images uploaded, you’ll have to click on them to read them). 


 So move over old refrigerator notes….you need to make room for a new one!


(Edited:  ok this is really hard to read….I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.  But here is what it says:  Dear Mommy and Daddy, I love you so much!  You are the best Parents in the world!  I’m so glad God and Jesus put me with you.  You are the best parents a kid could ask for Your Daughter, Allie) 

 Looking back over these notes I can see just how far Allie’s education has come.  Her spelling is quite improved (though she’s always received A’s in spelling).  And now the cursive and the embellished exclamation points….it’s just too much.  My baby is growing up 😦

Wouldn’t these go great in an album?  To save every parent appreciation note from elementary school and see the progression.  Something tells me that I won’t be getting quite so many “I Love You’s” when she is in 8th grade.  Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

 Thanks for taking a peek at what’s putting a smile on my face today 🙂

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2 Responses to Move Over Old Refrigerater Notes…there’s a new note in town!

  1. Raechelle says:

    awww… this is the best mail ever!!!

  2. hey she writes like I did!!!

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